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Apple Configurator for PC Download: An effective solution for simultaneously managing and setting many iOS devices is called Apple Configurator. The software offers a simple method to instal and manage several iOS devices and is particularly developed with IT managers and educators in mind. In this article, we’ll look more closely at the functions and features of Apple Configurator for PC, as well as some of its benefits and drawbacks.

About Apple Configurator for PC

A lot of iOS devices may be managed and configured with the help of Apple Configurator for PC, Windows 11/10 macOS Free Download. This software is the perfect answer for corporations and educational institutions who need to manage a fleet of iOS devices since users can effortlessly set up, update, and manage several iOS devices at once.

Apple Configurator for PC
Apple Configurator for PC

The ability of Apple Configurator to configure numerous devices simultaneously is one of its primary advantages. Multiple devices may be connected to a Mac in order to setup them simultaneously using the software. When managing several devices, in particular, this may save a tonne of time and work.

The Functionality of Apple Configurator for PC

Users may update and manage their devices using Apple Configurator in addition to configuring them. This contains the capacity to monitor and control device settings, as well as the capacity to instal updates, applications Download, and configuration profiles. Businesses and educational institutions who need to make sure all of their gadgets are current and setup properly may find this to be of particular help.

The ability of Apple Configurator to backup and restore devices is another helpful feature. Businesses and educational institutions that need to maintain a backup of all of their devices in case of data loss or device failure may find this to be of particular benefit.

Apple Configurator has several restrictions even if it is a strong and practical tool. For instance, since it is exclusively compatible with Macs, Windows users cannot use it. Additionally, it cannot be used to control Android or other sorts of devices since it is only compatible with iOS devices.

Features of the Apple Configurator for PC

  • Multiple devices may be configured simultaneously using a single configuration profile thanks to Apple Configurator. This facilitates managing a large number of devices and saves time and effort.
  • Software update: Using the app, you may update the software on several devices at once. When several devices need to be promptly updated after the introduction of new software upgrades, this is helpful.
  • Manage devices: Apple Configurator enables you to manage devices, giving you greater control over the features and settings of the device.
  • Custom settings may be made: The software enables you to do this for several groups of devices. This makes setting up equipment for several departments or classes simple.
  • Device organisation and labelling are made possible via the app, which also makes it simple to keep track of your gadgets.
  • Data backup and restoration: The app enables data backup and restoration across various devices. When gadgets need to be replaced or reset, this is helpful.

Pros and Cons of Download Apple Configurator for PC


  • Can reduce the time and work required to manage many devices.
  • Ideal for corporations and schools of higher learning
  • May aid in ensuring that all devices are current and properly setup.


  • Only accessible on Mac
  • Compatible only with iOS gadgets

FAQs of

Is Apple Configurator uncomplicated?
It costs nothing to download and use Apple Configurator.

Can Android devices be used with Apple Configurator?
No, the Apple Configurator is exclusively appropriate Download for iOS devices.

Can a Windows PC be used with Apple Configurator?
No, only Mac users have access to Apple Configurator.

Can I manage a single device using Apple Configurator Download?
Although Apple Configurator is generally intended for controlling several devices at once, it may be used to manage a single device.

Is it possible to backup and restore data on devices using Apple Configurator?
Yes, you may backup and restore data on numerous devices using and Download Apple Configurator.

Apple Configurator for PC Download
Apple Configurator for PC Download

User Reviews of Apple Configurator for PC


On my iPhone, I have a tonne of applications, but they are all incredibly disorganised and difficult to discover. I really miss being able to easily rearrange phone applications in iTunes on a desktop or laptop. I debated whether to use this app since I was afraid to do so. I think it’s peculiar and a little challenging to make it work. I had so many app screens that Configurator 2 was unable to display all of them, and I was unable to find out how to fix it. I did discover workarounds by stacking the applications on the last several non-displaying displays onto other screens that were visible.


I mistakenly attempted to do a clean instal while using the macOS Monterey beta (in my meagre defense, the drive utility gave me no warning how bad a mistake this would be). This completely ruined my MBA. Nothing that was tried to revive it ever succeeded. Then I saw a few videos that claimed Configurator 2 was capable of doing it. And it succeeded. It’s very fussy, else I’d give it five stars. I had to adhere to a video’s instructions and hold the keys down precisely as the person in the video did, releasing them as soon as he did. Additionally, I tried a number of USB-C cables until I found one that worked.


I see several unfavourable remarks here. but I really think that the explanation is that individuals just aren’t aware of the program’s objectives. It is not the same as Configurator 1… So, if you were hoping for a more sophisticated Configurator 1, you’re going to be disappointed. The logic and process Download and used by Configurator 2 differ. So give it some thought and give yourself some time.


All things considered, Download Apple Configurator for PC is an effective tool for controlling and setting up a sizable number of iOS devices. It is perfect for companies and educational institutions that need to simultaneously set up, update, and administer a number of devices. Although it has several drawbacks, it is a strong and practical solution for anybody who has to oversee a fleet of iOS devices.

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