The programme is renowned for its robust capabilities and simple layout, which make it an excellent tool for jotting down ideas, creating lengthier documents, and taking notes.
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Drafts for Windows PC Download: There are a number of reasons why someone would wish to instal Drafts, including Quick Capture, which enables users to swiftly record their ideas and thoughts as they occur. Users may utilise the app’s keyboard or dictation capability to write or narrate their notes utilising the “rapid capture” feature. And much more, so let’s learn more about this wonderful app right now.

About Download Drafts for Windows PC

For iOS and Android smartphones, Drafts is a well-liked note-taking and writing application. The programme is renowned for its robust capabilities and simple layout, which make it an excellent tool for jotting down ideas, creating lengthier documents, and taking notes. The app’s robust capabilities were recently made accessible for Windows PC Download, bringing them to a new platform.

Drafts for windows pc

The Functionality of Drafts Download for Windows PC

Simplicity –

Drafts’ simplicity is one of its best qualities. You can concentrate on your work without being distracted by the app’s basic design, which offers just a few buttons and choices. With just one swipe, you may begin a new note, and the app’s auto-save function makes sure that your work is always saved and backed up.

Useful Implementation-

Drafts provides a variety of useful options for composing and organising your notes in addition to its simplicity. With the app, you may arrange your notes in a variety of ways, including by adding headers, lists, and other components. To further organise your notes into folders and make it simpler to discover what you’re searching for, you may utilise the app’s labelling and sorting tools.

Vibrant Integration –

The integration of Drafts with other services and applications is one of its distinctive characteristics. You may transmit your notes to other applications or services via a variety of activities in the app, including email, social media, and task management tools. Additionally, you may build custom actions and connect Drafts with other applications or services via the app’s URL structure.

Features of the Drafts for Windows Download PC

The productivity and note-taking tool Drafts enables users to swiftly record and arrange their ideas, thoughts, and notes. The app has certain features like:

  • Quick Capture: Using the app’s “quick capture” function, users may rapidly record their ideas by typing or dictating their notes using the app’s Download keyboard or dictation feature.
  • Group and Organize Notes: Drafts enables users to group and categorise their notes into folders for subsequent retrieval. Users may design their own workplaces to organise similar notes.
  • Actions and Workflows: The robust “Actions” feature in Drafts enables users to automate procedures and processes by designing unique workflows. Users may choose an action that, for instance, instantly sends a note to a certain email address or saves it to their Evernote account.
  • Support for Markdown: Drafts has Markdown support, enabling users to style their notes using bold, italic, and other formatting choices with ease.
  • Custom Keyboard: Users may access their most commonly used activities and processes using the customised keys on the Drafts custom keyboard, which includes frequently used characters and symbols.
  • Collaboration: Using Drafts, users may instantly collaborate on notes with other users. Users may share their notes with other users, invite them to see and modify those notes, and offer comments and feedback on notes that have been shared with them.

FAQs of Download Drafts for Windows PC

What platforms are supported by Drafts?
On iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, Drafts is available.

Can I use Drafts on my Android device?
No, Android does not presently support Drafts.

Is the software Drafts free?
Although Drafts is a premium software, it provides a free trial so customers may test it out before buying it.

Is Drafts available offline?
Yes, offline usage of Drafts is possible. When the app is offline, certain functions, such synchronising with other gadgets and services, may not be accessible.

Does Drafts provide a service for cloud synchronisation?
Yes. Drafts integrates with well-known cloud providers like iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox in addition to offering cloud synchronisation via its own sync service.

Can I change the keyboard in Drafts?
Yes, you may add regularly used characters and symbols to the Drafts keyboard as well as create custom keys that provide you access to often used processes and operations.

User Reviews of Drafts for Windows PC


referring back to version 23x. Each new version of this programme brings improved features. I use it to keep track of notes I wish to go back to later and to optimise my workplace process. For me, the seamless and flawless synchronisation between iOS and PC is a lifesaver. Everything is simple and makes sense. The creator is actively working on this product’s improvement. I’m grateful. I receive more value from Drafts than from any other subscription programme I use. Subscribe to the app and help it grow. This product (still) makes using it enjoyable. Thanks!


The ability to copy and paste out of Drafts for Windows PC from the Windows is, in my opinion, at least as important as the ability to dump into it from the Windows, which is something that many people here are praising. Since joining the beta, I’ve made it a crucial part of my daily routine to write down ideas as they come to me using the Microsoft Watch and iOS apps Download. When I sit down at my desk, I can see a small badge on the Drafts app for Windows, and I can then immediately take care of whatever is there waiting for me. My favourite.


I’m so tired of hearing critiques of the app’s business strategy. Software development is a continuous process. It is always becoming better and adapting to the changing demands and underlying software platform. You have rlhyde making absurd claims about his work not being available in the event that the firm shuts down, which is illiterate given how simple it is to export from Drafts. It even utilises simply SQL for its database. You’re a slacker, right? Use Google for all purposes. Drafts is a fantastic programme that is laser-focused on what it does.


For years, I have been a devoted iOS user of Drafts for Windows PC. I see it as a competitive advantage at work since I can readily gather and digest information in any situation. I routinely remark that Drafts would be my first choice if I could only have one third-party app on my phone. I use Drafts more often now that it is available on Windows (which I would not have thought possible). The app’s creator is very responsive and constantly expanding its features. Highly recommended!

Conclusion on Drafts for Windows PC Download

In conclusion, Drafts is a fantastic programme for anybody searching for a straightforward and effective note-taking and writing solution for their Windows PC Download. It is a fantastic option for authors, students, and anybody else wishing to gather and organise information because of its extensive features and basic design.


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