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In the game, players build their own identities and advance through Hollywood, starting as a poor E-list celebrity and ending as an A-list superstar.
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Dec 8, 2022
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Kim Kardashian Hollywood for PC: The Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app is the ideal game for you if you’ve ever desired to lead the life of a Hollywood star. This software, created by Glu Games, lets you construct your own wannabe superstar and move about in the land of fame and money. We’ll examine the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app’s features, gameplay, and advantages and disadvantages in this blog post.

About Kim Kardashian Hollywood for PC

A well-known smartphone game called Kim Kardashian: Hollywood lets players live the luxurious life of a Hollywood star. Glu Mobile created the game, which was published in 2014. Since then, it has gained a sizable fan base and received millions of downloads.

In the game, players build their own identities and advance through Hollywood, starting as a poor E-list celebrity and ending as an A-list superstar. They engage with diverse individuals, go to glitzy events, and accomplish objectives to get cash and experience points along the way.

The ability to alter your character’s look, including their hair, cosmetics, and clothes, is one of the game’s most alluring features. Players may also spend real money on virtual products to improve their gaming experience.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood for PC

The game also has a social component that enables users to interact with one another and even form teams to solve tasks.

The game has drawn flak for its emphasis on consumerism and celebrity culture, but it has also been hailed for its compelling narrative and addicting gameplay. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood: The Game, a spin-off game, even enables users to build their

Functionality of Kim Kardashian Hollywood for PC

The role-playing game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood immerses you in the world of Hollywood. You are immediately immersed into the glitter and glamour of celebrity life as soon as you design your character. Through photo sessions, fashion displays, and other activities, you’ll go to events, form connections, and become famous. You may buy apparel, accessories, and real estate as you advance in the game to boost your famous status and rise up the superstar ladder. The game also has regular challenges and events that provide you prizes and chances to improve in your profession.

Features of Kim Kardashian Hollywood for PC

  • Create a celebrity persona, alter their looks, and choose their career.
  • Create connections with other game characters, such as celebrities, agents, and fans.
  • To become well-known and wealthy, go to red carpet events, fashion shows, and picture sessions.
  • Purchase real estate, clothes, and other items to improve your famous lifestyle.
  • Connect with other participants in the game via social media
  • Take part in weekly activities to receive prizes and enhance your career as a superstar.

Pros and Cons of Kim Kardashian Hollywood for PC


  • Gameplay that is entertaining and compelling and immerses you in the realm of Hollywood
  • A variety of choices for character customisation
  • You may communicate with other players and share your progress through social media integration.
  • Weekly challenges and events keep the game interesting and fun.
  • Although the game is free to play, people who wish to advance more quickly may make in-app payments.


  • The game might take a lot of time, and in order to progress in it, you must play every day.
  • For those who wish to advance rapidly, in-app purchases might be expensive.
  • Some gamers could find the gameplay to be monotonous or lacking in depth.

FAQs of Kim Kardashian Hollywood for PC

Is it free to play and download the app?
Yes, downloading and using the app are both free. For those who wish to advance more quickly or buy special stuff, there are in-app purchases available.

Can I change the look of my character?
The look of your character, including their attire, cosmetics, and hair, may all be changed.

Do other players and I have any interaction in the game?
You can communicate with other players in the game using social media, yes.

The game has a plot, right?
Yes, the game has a plot that tracks the development of your character into a Hollywood star.

Are there any challenges or weekly events in the game?
Yes, the game has weekly challenges and events that provide you incentives and chances to develop your career.

Does the game need an internet connection to play?
Yes, playing the game requires a working internet connection.

User Reviews of Kim Kardashian Hollywood for PC


I’ve been playing this board game for years, and it’s without a doubt one of my favorites. However, I detest how color dyes occupy half of the box selections. Purchasing diamonds and/or K stars and getting three chances for an item just to receive color dyes 80% of the time is frustrating. In particular, if I’ve already paid more than $50 in real money and still don’t obtain the item, I’d want to be able to choose all the boxes if doing so would result in my acquiring it.


I have intermittently played this game for years. When I received it back a few months ago, I was incredibly thrilled with the seasons, the exciting new items, and the prizes available in the Sys events. But it seems that this has halted following the new year? There are just boxes and nothing else? Even though there is never an update when I attempt to update, I’m not sure whether the problem is on my end or if the authors have stopped creating the unique or amazing stuff.


The game is great! However, without investing even a little amount of money, success is sort of difficult. Along with that, your list of ambitions will ultimately become too large for you to handle. I occasionally lose track of what’s happening since I’m trying to keep track of all the goals, and because each one has like its own small tale inside it, I’ll still give the game a rating of 4.

Conclusion on Kim Kardashian Hollywood for PC

The Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app is an all-around enjoyable game that lets you experience what it’s like to be a Hollywood star. Those who appreciate role-playing games and the glitter and glamour of Hollywood will probably find it addicting and amusing, but it may not be for everyone. The game provides players a novel and interesting experience with a variety of personalization possibilities, social network integration, and weekly events and challenges.

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