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LanScan for PC: Networks have become a vital component for both people and companies as the world gets more linked via the internet. Networks are crucial for communication and productivity because they make it possible to share information, resources, and services. Yet, administering a network may be challenging and calls for knowledge of linked devices, IP addresses, and network architecture. Hence, a programme like LanScan for PC might be of great use. So let’s learn about the LanScan for PC now.

About LanScan for PC

Users may use LanScan, a network scanner, to find out what devices are linked to a network. This programme may be used to scan local networks, Wi-Fi networks, and even the internet. It is built for Windows-based systems. In order to find devices, LanScan employs the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), making it a useful tool for both small and big networks.

LanScan for PC
LanScan for PC

The simplicity of usage of LanScan is one of its main advantages. Both beginner and expert users may utilise the programme since it is easy to setup. After installation, the user may launch a network scan to see every device logged into the network. Every device with an IP address, such as switches, routers, computers, laptops, mobile devices, and servers, falls under this category. Moreover, each device’s IP address, MAC address, and hostname are provided by the programme.

The Functionality of LanScan for PC

The ability to assist users in locating illegal devices on the network is another benefit of LanScan. For enterprises that must maintain network security, this is especially crucial. Network managers may take prompt action to avoid security breaches by using LanScan to instantly detect any device that is not permitted to connect to the network.

LanScan offers customers other options in addition to network discovery that might be helpful for network administration. The tool, for instance, may be used to ping devices to check for connection. This enables network managers to pinpoint the devices that are having connectivity problems and take the appropriate remedial action. Moreover, the programme has the ability to scan particular IP addresses or ranges, which might be helpful for identifying network issues.

Exporting network scan findings is another capability of LanScan. Network administrators that need to monitor network changes or wish to share network data with others may find this helpful. The utility has the ability to export scan results in CSV, TXT, and XML among other formats.

LanScan’s high degree of adaptability enables users to customise the application to suit their own requirements. Users may set the tool to look for a certain kind of device, or they can select to exclude certain devices or IP ranges from the search. LanScan is a very adaptable tool that can be used in a range of network scenarios thanks to this degree of customisation.

Features of LanScan for PC

  • Airport, Ethernet, and virtual interfaces are automatically detected when they are setup.
  • From one IP to the whole IPv4 address space, you may scan any IP range you choose!
  • ARP packets are used to scan your local network.
  • Ping, SMB, and mDNS packets are used to scan public IP network ranges.
  • Show the connected IP address, MAC address, hostname (four maximum), and vendor.
  • Find out whether there is a configured SMB domain.
  • Resolution of hostnames using SMB, mDNS, and DNS on Apple devices (Windows devices)
  • Individual hostname edition
  • Each device-specific comments
  • Launch a custom URL in the browser
  • exporting outcomes as CSV files
  • Show/Hide each column
  • Justify the alignment of each column.
  • There is no limit on the number of gadgets discovered!

FAQs of LanScan for PC

What is LanScan for PC, exactly?
A network scanner called LanScan for PC enables users to find every device linked to a network.

Is LanScan user-friendly?
A: Absolutely, LanScan is simple to use and suitable for both inexperienced and seasoned users.

LanScan is able to detect illegitimate devices on a network.
A: Absolutely, LanScan is a useful tool for network security since it enables users to find unapproved devices on the network.

Can LanScan export the findings of a network scan?
A: Yes, LanScan has the option to export scan data in CSV, TXT, and XML formats.

What are LanScan’s restrictions?
A: LanScan does not reveal details on the programmes or services being used by the devices it identifies and can only be used on Windows-based PCs.

User Reviews of LanScan for PC


After enduring a competitor’s greedy “IP scan basic/home/pro” bait and switch, I’m happy to report that LanScan is a high-quality, dependable solution. While its naming “discovery” is not as excellent as others (you end up needing to manually add practically every Hostname), it is quick and stable once that is done.


I’ve always had Lanscan in my toolkit for managing networks, but I never gave it much attention until I came across another networking programme and realised how excellent it had been over the five years I had been using it. Throughout the years, I have never had a problem paying to support the developers (even when they switched licencing a few years ago but still assisted the devoted users!) and before today, I had never considered writing a touching review.


A few years back, I purchased a copy and used LanScan in the “free” mode. It’s been great to quickly inventory the computers on my lans.
I eventually found myself in need of the extra information, so I paid the $6 for the premium version (buy in-app, not the separate version).
Finding IP addresses for equipment that I can’t easily access or that don’t have a method to see it has never been easier thanks to this. The integrated port scan is just clumsy. Absolutely a good investment.


To sum up, LanScan for PC is an effective network scanner that enables users to find any device linked to a network. It is a useful tool for both people and enterprises because to its simplicity of use, adaptability of features, and capacity to detect illegal devices. While the utility has certain drawbacks, such as the fact that it only works with Windows-based PCs, LanScan is still a very beneficial and helpful tool for network administration. Consider LanScan if you need to administer a network and want to make the process of finding linked devices easier.

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