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Mactracker for Windows PC: Check out Mactracker for Windows PC if you’re an Apple devotee or just inquisitive about their goods. Powerful software called Mactracker offers a thorough record of every Apple product ever created, complete with full technical details, release dates, and pricing. For Apple enthusiasts, historians, and consumers who wish to understand more about the development of Apple’s products, this software is a need. We’ll look at Mactracker’s features and how it may help users and Apple aficionados in this blog.

About Mactracker for Windows PC

For Apple lovers who wish to keep track of Apple’s goods and their history, Mactracker for Windows PC is a need. Every Apple product ever launched is covered in-depth by this extensive software, which includes technical details, release dates, and photographs.

The best resource for Apple users, buyers, and enthusiasts is Mactracker. From the original Apple computer, which was released in 1976, to the most recent iPhone and iPad models, it offers a thorough database of all Mac, iPod, iPhone, and other Apple products. Additionally, the app provides details on Apple’s operating systems, accessories, and peripherals.

Mactracker for Windows PC

Functionality of Mactracker for Windows PC

The ability to offer technical details for any Apple device is one of Mactracker’s primary capabilities. Users may easily get details on each Apple product’s CPU, memory, storage, graphics, and other vital parts. Since they can easily check the technical specifications of their device and make sure that any upgrades or repairs are compatible, this is especially helpful for those who want to upgrade or repair their Apple products.

Users may follow the development of Apple’s products through time using Mactracker’s thorough information on each product’s release date and cost. Users have the option of seeing each product’s high-quality photos, which provides them with a visual representation of the design and aesthetics of each item.

Mactracker has a number of additional helpful tools in addition to its database of Apple goods. Users may easily discover the information they want by searching for items by model, family, code name, or keyword. In order to make it simpler for users to comprehend and navigate technical information, the app also offers a thorough dictionary of technical words and acronyms used in the Apple community.

Monitoring the progress of Apple’s warranty and repair programs is yet another fantastic feature of Mactracker. Users may quickly determine if their Apple goods qualify for repair or replacement under the company’s programs by checking the status of their devices.

In order to provide consumers access to the most recent details on Apple goods, Mactracker is also often updated with new items and technical specs. Users may easily get further information and help thanks to the app’s linkages to Apple’s support materials. The fact that Mactracker is only accessible for Windows PC and not for Mac or other platforms might be a drawback. To follow Apple’s products and their history, Mactracker is a great resource for Windows users.

 Features of Mactracker for Windows PC

  • Detailed technical specs for every Apple device ever made, including information on each one’s CPU, memory, storage, and graphics
  • Dates of availability and costs for each Apple device
  • For visual references, provide each product with high-quality photos.
  • Model, family, code title, or keyword searches
  • The status of Apple’s warranty & repair programs are tracked using a glossary of technical terminology and acronyms used in the Apple world.
  • Links to Apple support materials for further information and assistance
  • Updated often with new goods and technical information

Pros and Cons of Mactracker for Windows PC


  • Full database of all Apple products
  • Specifications, photos, and release dates in great detail
  • Model, family, code name, or keyword searches
  • Glossary of abbreviations and technical words
  • Monitors the status of Apple’s repair and warranty programs
  • Updated often with new goods and technical information


  • Not accessible on Mac or other platforms

FAQs of Mactracker for Windows PC

Is it free to use Mactracker?
The official website allows users to download Mactracker for free.

Can I use a keyword to search for products?
Yes, users of Mactracker can look for products using model, family, code name, or keyword searches.

Can I find out how Apple’s warranty and repair programs are doing?
Yes, users can check the status of Apple’s warranty and repair programs using a feature in Mactracker.

Can I use Mactracker to update or fix my Apple product?
No, Mactracker merely offers information; it doesn’t provide any resources or tools for maintaining, repairing, or upgrading Apple hardware.

Is Mactracker often updated with fresh content and products?
Yes, to make sure users have access to the most recent information on Apple’s products, Mactracker is frequently updated with new products and technical specifications.

User Reviews of Mactracker for Windows PC


(I’m updating the review since I originally wrote it years ago.) This app is still essential. It is essential for both common consumers and Apple fanatics. Additionally, I urge you to download Ian’s iOS apps. It’s great to have access to this very precise data across all of your devices. Go ahead and download on iOS once you do so here. You won’t be sorry. You should download this software even if you’re a casual user (i.e., not a computer nerd). You’ll find it to be quite useful, particularly when you need things like repairs, sales, replacement components, etc.


This is my go-to reference app as an IT professional, particularly for older technology. The ability to search up RAM instantly, the most recent iOS or OS X that a device can run, and the crucial Apple categorization of “Supported, Vintage, or Obsolete” are some of the main features. Thank you very much for providing build and model numbers for each of the product line’s numerous iterations.


This is a fantastic reference tool for Apple items, particularly hardware. Sure, something similar can be quickly added to a web interface, but it’s nice to have a quick and lightweight app to retrieve this kind of data. You may establish a category for Macs with Coffee Lake CPUs or all Mac models that are presently supported, for example, to make your search move more quickly. Of course, category criteria allow for far more specificity, but I believe the point was made.

Mactracker for Windows

Conclusion on Mactracker for Windows PC

In conclusion, Mactracker for Windows PC is a thorough and useful program for Apple users, collectors, and enthusiasts. Its database of every Apple product, along with its technical details and release dates, offers a wealth of knowledge about how Apple’s products have changed over time. Users can easily locate and monitor information about their Apple goods using the app’s search and tracking tools, and frequent app updates guarantee that users always have access to the most recent information about Apple’s products. Mactracker is definitely worthwhile checking out if you are an Apple lover or user.

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