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A strong and flexible SMS messaging and syncing programme for Windows PCs is called mysms - SMS Texting & Sync for PC, Windows 11/10 Free Download.
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mysms - SMS App - SMS Texting from Computer
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mysms – SMS Texting & Sync for PC download: Short Message Service, or SMS for short, is a text messaging service that is a part of phone, online, and mobile communication systems. It uses standardised communications protocols to enable the exchange of brief text messages between fixed line and mobile phone devices. Therefore, in this post in this genre, let’s discuss the greatest programme known as mysms – SMS Texting & Sync for PC in the present globe.

About mysms – SMS Texting & Sync for Download PC

A strong and flexible SMS messaging and syncing programme for Windows PCs is called mysms – SMS Texting & Sync for PC Download, Windows 11/10 Free Download. For people who spend a lot of time at their desks and wish to communicate fast and conveniently, this software programme that enables direct text messaging from your computer is a fantastic solution. It also gives you the option to sync your SMS messages between your phone and PC, allowing you to view all of your chats from any device.

The capability of mysms to send and receive text messages straight from your computer is one of its primary advantages. As a result, you are no longer need to pick up your phone in order to send a text message. As an alternative, you may enter your message on your computer and email it straight away. This may save you a tonne of time, particularly if you send several texts throughout the day.

SMS Texting & Sync for PC
SMS Texting & Sync for PC

The Functionality of mysms – SMS Texting & Sync Download for PC

The ability of Mysms to sync SMS messages across your PC and phone is another fantastic feature. This implies that you don’t need to transfer between devices to carry on a discussion that you started on your computer and continue on your phone. Even if you swap phones, you can still view your whole communication history on any device. If you regularly transfer between several devices or if you share your phone with someone else, this might be extremely helpful.

Mysms has a variety of cutting-edge characteristics that further increase its potency. To ensure that you never lose a discussion, it may, for instance, automatically backup your SMS messages. It also gives you the option to schedule text messages for delivery at a later time, which is helpful if you need to send a message at a specified time but don’t want to be disturbed by a notice.

Sending group messages is another another fantastic feature of Mysms and Download. It is simple to gather contacts together and send a message to the whole group at once. If you’re organising an event or need to notify a group of people, this may be extremely helpful.

Mysms’ user interface is likewise incredibly simple to use and has a clear, intuitive design. This makes it available to users of all experience levels, from novices to experts. Additionally, the app is adaptable; you can choose from a range of various themes and colour palettes to give it the appearance and feel you desire.

Features of the mysms – SMS Texting & Sync for PC

  • Direct computer-to-computer text message sending and receiving
  • Sync your phone and PC to receive SMS messages.
  • Back up your SMS texts automatically.
  • Make plans to send texts at a later time
  • Create contact groups and send messages to each member at once.
  • a user-friendly interface, with themes and colour palettes that are adjustable
  • Questions and Answers:

FAQs of mysms – SMS Texting & Sync for PC

Does MMS (multimedia messaging) work with Mysms?
Mysms does not yet support MMS; it just supports SMS (text messaging) (multimedia messaging).

Is there a restriction on how many texts I may send or receive at once?
With mysms, there is no limit on the quantity of text messages you may send or receive.

Can I change how Mysms looks?
Yes, you may alter the appearance of mysms by selecting from a wide range of various themes and colour schemes.

Does mysms need to be connected to the internet to function?
Yes, an internet connection is necessary for mysms to function.

Can I use MySMS on an iPad or tablet?
Mysms presently only works on Windows computers; iPads or tablets don’t have a version.

User Reviews of mysms – SMS Texting & Download Sync for PC


The online interface is nice. a little sluggish, but reasonable. Strange recurring mms mails from an unknown account. Additionally, I would want to see possibilities for taking pictures inside the app and sending them with messages, as well as sites that appear nicer. I would use my normal messaging, but I need access to my laptop’s web interface. The web interface needs some upgrades, but I won’t go in that direction. See you in the next review.


In general, I like the app. However, I have a problem with the accuracy of the messages being delivered (same issue I had with Pulse and Mighty Text). On occasion, even though the screen indicates that an SMS has been sent, the receiver never receives it. As a result, I can never be sure that the receiver even received the SMS when I don’t hear back from them. The built-in messaging programme on my Galaxy J7 is the only one I’ve found to be dependable, but I can’t use it to text from my computer.


I USED to always use the mysms – SMS Texting & Sync for PC Download app for messaging and synchronising. Was once rock solid. It seems to be quite glitchy right now and hardly useable. Some messages are repeated three or four times during transmission and reception. really infuriating There are also all the communications that are not sent or are not received. very unreliable I’m running the most recent Android update on a Samsung Note 8. I’ll give it another go, but if it persists, it may be best to give up.


All things considered, mysms – Download SMS Texting & Sync for PC is a robust and adaptable SMS messaging and sync programme for Windows PCs that may be a priceless tool for managing your text messages. It is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to be more productive with their text messaging because it allows you to send and receive text messages directly from your computer, sync your SMS messages between your computer and your phone, and has advanced features like scheduling and group messaging. Even non-technical people may use it easily because to its user-friendly UI and adjustable features.

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