Users may easily interact with their loved ones in real time because to the software's high-quality video calls and clear, sharp audio.
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Feb 16, 2023
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ntouch for Windows PC download: Are you seeking for a dependable communication tool because you are deaf or hard of hearing? For Windows PC, go no further than ntouch. Everything you need to know about the ntouch programme, from how to download and set it up on your Windows Computer to its many features and customization choices, will be covered in this blog. Ntouch, a service created by Sorenson Communications, provides text messaging, call forwarding, video calling, and American Sign Language interpretation. Explore with us the various advantages of ntouch for Windows PC and how it can keep you in touch with friends, family, and coworkers.

About ntouch for Windows PC

For Windows PCs, NTouch is a robust and feature-rich communication tool that enables users to connect with friends and family through video calls, text messages, and instant messages. Sorenson Communications, a well-known supplier of video relay services (VRS) for the deaf and hard-of-hearing population, created the software.

ntouch for Windows PC
ntouch for Windows PC

For those who are deaf or hard of hearing, NTouch provides a variety of functions and customizable choices that make it the perfect communication tool. Users may easily interact with their loved ones in real time because to the software’s high-quality video calls and clear, sharp audio.

Functionality of ntouch for Windows PC

One of nTouch’s standout qualities is that it works with a variety of gadgets, including Windows PCs, laptops, tablet, or smartphones. This makes nTouch a practical and accessible communication tool as users may access it from almost any device that has access to the internet.

The fact that nTouch supports American Sign Language is another important aspect (ASL). ASL-related capabilities offered by the programme include the option to switch between spoken English and ASL during chats as well as the display of ASL video clips during video calls. For those who are deaf or hard of hearing who use ASL as their main form of communication, nTouch is the perfect tool.

Using ntouch for Windows PC

A Windows PC running ntouch is a terrific method to view applications on a bigger screen and use all of the features of a computer. How to download and use ntouch on a Windows computer is described in the instructions below.

First, get the Windows version of the ntouch app.

Downloading the ntouch software is the first step in utilising ntouch on a Windows computer. To achieve this, go to the ntouch for Windows page on the Sorenson Communications website. To finish the installation procedure, click the download button and adhere to the on-screen directions.

Sign up for an ntouch Account in Step 2.

The next step is to register for an ntouch account when the ntouch app has been downloaded and installed. You may do this inside the app by selecting “Create Account” and then following the instructions to input details such your name, email address, and password.

Validate Your Account in Step 3

Before utilising the programme, it’s crucial to validate your ntouch account after generating one. You may do this by clicking the verification link that was delivered to the account-related email address.

Set up your profile in Step 4

The next step is to create a profile inside the ntouch app when the account has been verified. This entails choosing a profile photo and providing personal data such a name and location.

Place a call in Step 5

Users may use the ntouch for Windows PC to conduct video calls with ASL interpretation after their accounts have been created and their profiles are full. Just choose “Make a Call” from the menu and input the person’s phone number or email address to accomplish this. The call will be sent via the ntouch network and ASL interpretation will be offered if the individual has an ntouch account.

Features of ntouch for Windows PC

For those who are deaf or hard of hearing, NTouch for Windows PC provides a variety of functions and customization possibilities, making it a flexible communication tool. The following functionalities are available with ntouch for Windows in addition to video calls with ASL interpretation:

  • Contacts list: The ntouch software allows users to build and maintain a list of contacts, making it simple to call friends and family.
  • Call history: Users may simply examine their call history thanks to the ntouch app, which maintains track of all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Text messaging: The ntouch app allows users to send and receive text messages in addition to video calls.
  • Call forwarding: Via the ntouch app, users may configure call forwarding to receive calls on numerous devices.
  • Options for customization: Users may change the text size, colour scheme, and other settings on the ntouch app.
  • A fantastic approach for those who are deaf or hard of hearing to remain in contact with friends and family is by using ntouch for Windows. Ntouch provides the deaf and hard-of-hearing population with a dependable and user-friendly communication tool, whether it is used for personal or professional reasons.

User Reviews of ntouch for Windows PC


App works well on my ancient HTC m9+ plus (Android 6.0) for the first time. VCOs (voice carry over) across wifi and 4G networks are the only issue. While she could hear my speech, the SVRS operator thought my sentences were stuttering. While the sound was muted, she could hear the hearing person’s speech on the other end. The live video relay image sometimes jerked or was out of sync. I’m roughly 30 feet away from my wireless router. I’ll call 611 and maybe tech support can fix this.


It only works with wifi. The worst thing is that. In case of an emergency, I needed to phone someone without utilising internet. Without wifi, the call freezes and is completely useless. Without internet, they cannot see me even if I can see the interpreter just fine. Using DUO, we had no issues. Nevertheless, utilising ntouch without wifi is not recommended for usage in an emergency. I beg you, fix it! granted a star rating. 2.5.


Before all those pointless updates, I could always utilise VCO on this app; but, after a few updates, I now have to manually turn on the microphone. Then around five minutes into the VCO call, the app’s microphone stopped functioning. In the past, when I set up VCO, it would always operate automatically. It no longer does. I hate it. Restore this app’s VCO to its original settings…

Conclusion on ntouch for Windows PC

For those who are deaf or hard of hearing, ntouch for Windows is a potent communication tool that provides a variety of functionality and customising choices. Users may simply download and use ntouch on their Windows Computer by following the instructions provided in this article. Ntouch for Windows is a crucial tool for keeping connected in today’s digital environment since it offers ASL interpretation and a range of communication possibilities.

What's new

Added Network Indicators when network is poor for a VRS call
Added Spanish Features and a slider for calling Spanish VRS
Added ability to save a contact as Spanish
Call and Login screen changes



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