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The powerful and flexible daily calendar tool Planner Pro was created especially for Windows PC users. It has several features that make it the perfect tool for managing your calendar, projects, and appointments.
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Planner Pro – Daily Calendar for PC Download: Planning is an essential part of life, whether you’re a busy professional, a student, or just someone trying to stay organized. Having a clear and organized schedule can help increase productivity, reduce stress, and make it easier to achieve your goals. One of the best tools for planning and staying organized is Planner Pro, a powerful and versatile daily calendar app designed specifically Download for Windows PC users.

About Planner Pro – Daily Calendar Download for PC

The powerful and flexible daily calendar tool Planner Pro was created especially for Windows PC users. It has several features that make it the perfect tool for managing your calendar, projects, and appointments. Planner Pro is the ideal alternative for anybody trying to keep organised and on top of their calendar thanks to its simple-to-use design, synchronisation possibilities, customization choices, and built-in task manager.

Planner Pro - Daily Calendar for PC
Planner Pro – Daily Calendar for PC

The user-friendly interface of Planner Pro is one of its best qualities. With a straightforward interface that makes it simple to use, the app is designed to be intuitive. Your appointments and tasks are simple to add, change, and see as a result.

The Functionality of Planner Pro – Download Daily Calendar for PC

The ability of Planner Pro to connect with other calendar applications is yet another fantastic feature. This implies that you can simply see all of your events in one location by importing them from your Google Calendar, Outlook, or other calendar applications. Even if you use different calendar applications, it is simple to remain on top of your schedule because of this.

Additionally, Planner Pro provides a wide range of customising choices. You may choose from a range of colour schemes and backgrounds and alter the app’s layout and design to suit your preferences. For more assistance in keeping track of your calendar, you may create reminders and alerts.

The software also provides many perspectives, such as a daily, weekly, and monthly view, making it simple to check your calendar quickly. You can also arrange and order your items on your to-do list by viewing them by category.

Additionally, Planner Pro has a built-in task organiser that makes it simple to manage your to-do list. To keep you on track, you may create, Download, modify, and remove tasks as well as add reminders and due dates. Additionally, the app provides a number of task categories, like work, personal, and shopping, making it simple to keep organised.

The ability of Planner Pro to export and import data is another fantastic feature. This implies that exporting your schedule and tasks as a CSV file and importing them into another calendar application or spreadsheet is simple. This makes it simple to backup your data or share your calendar with others.

Features of the Planner Pro – Daily Calendar for PC

  • Easy adding and modification of events and appointments with a user-friendly interface
  • Tasks may be created and prioritised using the integrated task manager.
  • Syncing features for calendar access across many devices
  • Options for customization, such as the ability to create repeating events and unique alerts
  • Data import and export for simple sharing and backup
  • View the schedule in other forms, such as day, week, and month.
  • Establish alarms and alerts.
  • Option to adjust privacy settings for events and appointments Ability to add notes and comments to events
  • Improved user experience via straightforward and effective navigation
  • choice to print or export the schedule in many file types, including PDF or CSV.

FAQs of Planner Pro – Daily Calendar for PC

Is Planner Pro restricted to Windows PCs Download?
Yes, Planner Pro is presently restricted to Windows computers.

Is there a mobile app version of Download Planner Pro?
No, Planner Pro is only a desktop programme for now.

Is cloud syncing available with Planner Pro?
Yes, you may sync Planner Pro with other calendar programmes like Google Calendar, Outlook, or others.

Can I change Planner Pro’s design and appearance?
Yes, there are several customization choices available in Planner Pro, including as backgrounds and colour schemes.

Can I export my planner pro tasks and schedule?
You may export your schedule and tasks from Planner Pro to a CSV file for simple backup or sharing.

User Reviews of Planner Pro – Daily Calendar for PC


If you have bipolar disorder and want something to keep track of things like projects, chores, and even the day,… I have used this item for years and would not suggest anything else. On this one, take the risk. Even with the free version, the advertisements aren’t too bad, but the full version is just $5 and definitely worth it. Compared to everything else I’ve tried, the ability to prioritise tasks and set alerts is unmatched. I hope this is helpful, and I want to thank the Planner Pro team for making such a solid product.


I only just learned about this app, but I wish I had known about it sooner! It is just what I need to maintain my organisation. My neurological condition makes it simple for me to forget things. I like that I can rapidly write down my ideas by tapping the task widget before they go. The gadgets are incredible! I was relieved to see that you could buy this outright rather than simply using the subscription model, which put me off several comparable applications. Ads are strategically placed and aren’t annoying.


Android and iPad cannot sync information. I doubt this problem will be solved since, based on reviews I’ve seen, it appears to have existed for a while. The only reason I didn’t give five stars was because of the synchronising problem. Although it’s a wonderful tool overall, I have 32 more tasks on my iPad than on my Android, and the calendars do not sync at all since it will only sync off of iOS, which is worthless to me and renders the android version all but useless. It’s fantastic as an iPad stand-alone app.

Conclusion on Planner Pro – Daily Calendar for PC

In conclusion, Planner Pro – Daily Calendar for PC Download is a crucial tool for anybody who wants to maintain their organisation and calendar management. It includes a variety of features that make it a great tool for keeping track of your calendar, chores, and appointments, including an easy-to-use interface, syncing capability, customization choices, and a built-in task manager. Planner Pro is the ideal daily calendar tool for anybody seeking Download for a Windows PC, whether they are a busy professional, student, or simply someone trying to keep organised.

You can organise your daily tasks with ease with this software. You can also create reminders and alerts, export and import data for simple backup, and share it with others. Overall, Planner Pro is a fantastic tool that you should absolutely think about using and Download on your Windows computer.

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