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All the Features and Functions of the Procreate For PC –

  • More than 25 layers to work with :- The Procreate For PC comes with over 25 layers that you can work with, Normally any app only has a limited number of layers as for some mobile apps the number is only 3 or 5 layers but photoshop allows you to do up to 10 layers and the Procreate app gives you the benefit of up to 25 layers to work with.
  • 4k Resolution canvases available :- Now get the best quality resolution of the Canvas to do your work and thus you can be the best at your work and have the most quality work as well.
  • Simpler and much easier than photoshop :- The Procreate app is a lot easier and simpler to use as compared to the photoshop or any other app and thus the users can really benefit from this app and not waste hours and hours in their editing.
  • 250 steps Undo and redo options :- Now worry not if you have messed up or want to go back to your past , you can go up to 250 steps back with the help of this lovely Procreate For PC download.
  • 100 settings and functions for the brush :- Now do not be bothered by one brush, Here you can get 100 tweaks and features to your brush and have an all round experience with it.
  • 2D or 3D art, both can be done here :- You can do any kind of art here with this app be it 2 Dimensional or even 3 Dimensional at ease.
  • Various animation based features :- Now do the animation edits and turn your art into an animation clip with the help of this lovely application and take full benefit of it and all of its features as well.
  • Time lapse and recording feature :- Now do time lapse and record your session and later on you can share the art that you made and the process that it went thru on social media or YouTube , wherever you like.
  • Quick sharing options :- The another great thing about this app is the quick sharing options, As you can share anything with just the tap of one button and also get to choose multiple formats of the file be it a photoshop file, a pdf, a jpeg or even a png or a gif.
  • Add dramatic effects to your art :- Now add many dramatic animation effects to your art and make it look more intense and lovely at the same time.
  • And so much more as well :- And so many other features and all of which you can attain as you download and install this amazing app the Procreate For PC for free download.

Final words on the Procreate For PC :-

The Procreate For PC is the best editing and creation app for Art, if you like Digital art and are new to it, then you can surely opt for this app and even if you are a pro then also you can opt for this app, As it makes everything a lot simpler and easier for everyone.

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