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QQ for Windows PC Download: The greatest method to stay in contact with your friends and family is via Tencent QQ, an instant messaging app. The most recent version of QQ for Mac Download is here! You may explore a fresh design and new functionality.

It’s really easy to instal applications on your QQ International desktop client. To make them easier to access, just locate the ones you want and add them to “My Apps” on your QQi main panel. Developers may create apps for QQ Messenger for PC Download and submit them online for approval thanks to the new open platform feature.

Let’s now discover more about this excellent software in depth and have a deeper understanding of it.

QQ for windows pc

About Download QQ for Windows PC

In China, QQ is an extremely well-liked instant messaging platform. It is very adaptable and a fantastic method to meet new people because of its built-in chat. QQ is an excellent way to stay in contact with your guide or acquaintances whether you reside in or are visiting China. It offers a clear, user-friendly interface that pays close attention to every little detail. Actually, you may personalise the software by choosing the skins and emoji you choose.

Like other messaging apps like Telegram or Wechat, QQ operates similarly. In other words, you may add your contacts and communicate with them. But QQ also stands out since it offers the chance to connect with other users in the neighbourhood. So it’s a terrific opportunity to connect and converse with those who share your interests.

Sending SMS messages to your contacts is yet another practical tool offered by QQ. With a vast user base and excellent functionality, QQ is a fantastic instant messaging app because of these qualities. Click here to download QQ and start using all the features that make it easier for you to converse swiftly and pleasantly.

The Functionality of QQ for Windows PC Download

QQ is:

  • serving more than 90% of Internet users on mobile devices.
  • Transmission of files and multi-person video between various endpoints and ongoing innovation to fulfil communication demands.
  • committed to fostering joyful interaction, entertainment, and life.

An abundance of solitudes

As a cross-platform programme, QQ for Windows 10 is fully compatible with all popular operating systems. Online games, streaming movies, microblogging, chat and voice messaging, as well as shopping, are some of the fundamental features. Therefore, compared to more “generic” choices like Skype, it is a system that is far more adaptable. The fact that QQ has an integrated translation option for users who don’t know Mandarin Chinese makes it an intriguing aspect of the app. The latest update to this programme occurred in 2014.

Features of the QQ for Download Windows PC

  • Communications: Chat communications let you send and receive messages to individuals or groups at any time and from any location.
  • Voice call: High-definition chat, two-person and multi-person voice calls.
  • Video chat: It’s preferable to miss your friends and family.
  • File transfer: Multi-terminal transmission between desktops and smartphones is quick and easy.
  • Spatial dynamics: share your life, learn about your friends’ dynamics more quickly, and stay mobile.
  • Free-choice themes, business cards, coloured ringtones, bubbles, and pendants are available for personal attire.
  • Game Center: Tiantian is one of the most popular mobile games in the whole nation.
  • Accessibility: Everything is accessible for mobile payment, including online purchasing, phone bill recharge, transfer, and collection.

Pros and Cons of QQ for Windows PC


  • Downloading and installing the free version of QQ is available.
  • It provides entertaining elements including games, movies, and streaming videos.


  • This programme allegedly includes dangerous adware, according to some users.
  • A one-time membership charge will be needed to access more sophisticated services.

FAQs of QQ for Windows PC

Exists a preferable substitute for QQ for Windows PC?
Yes, there are a tonne of instant messaging applications available. The capability to transfer somewhat large files is the sole unique feature of this one. Similar applications are available in the shop.

Should you download QQ for Windows PC?
Yes. You should definitely download it if you’re searching for a straightforward tool to connect with coworkers, friends, or clients.

The QQ for Windows PC app Download is it free?
Yes, using the app is free.

User Reviews of QQ for Windows PC


What are you meant to do when a 5 second soundtrack plays repeatedly in the background? This is the worst possible solution you could think of if your goal is to keep your programme functioning. Everyone is aware of the bad deeds Tencent does on the Windows platform. Now you want to bring similar annoyances to macOS? You employ the most repulsive programmers, who are solely concerned with advancing your despicable objectives at the expense of user experience. Even still, it doesn’t merit one star.


On China, this software is often associated with spyware, but the sanitised version in the App Store is really rather tidy. However, as soon as you launch it, it prompts you to visit their website to get the most recent version. NOTHING LIKE THIS! The “updated” version adds no new features, but instead instals a programme named “this app Platform” that does not offer any new features but instead adds a “stealth” installer login item that downloads unknown software and makes your computer briefly hang while shutting down. If you choose not to download the update, Mac users may still use this app’s basic talking features.


I am unable to use this app anymore. I can’t read the explanation since it’s in Chinese, so I have no idea why it won’t allow me in or if it can be fixed. It should be available in the native tongue of the United States if it is provided there. I long to speak with my Chinese pal.


A nice social media app. If you’re attempting to register outside of China, I recommend searching for QQ register and following the instructions there. After that, log into the app using your credentials. I like how simple it is for me to change accounts. It’s difficult to change profile images. I may be mistaken, but I believe you must have been in for a total of 30 days before you can do so, which is a bit bothersome. It’s amazing except from that.

Conclusion on QQ Download for Windows PC

It costs nothing to download and set up QQ for Windows 10 in its regular form. However, if the user pays a one-time price, they may access more sophisticated systems. This more recent add-on offers additional capabilities including native smartphone ringtones that may be downloaded in addition to blocking certain in-app adverts. Regular updates are common, and this system is now compatible with Windows 10.

What's new

- 新增面对面加好友功能,输入相同数字即可成为Q友; - 群公告可支持确认,重要信息及时提醒,高效通知便捷管理; - 个人资料新增随心贴功能,贴出祝福分享快乐,拉近与好友的距离; - 图片文字提取功能升级,精准识别翻译、快捷复制转发,简单操作更高效。


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