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Reolink App for PC: An application that eases Home Security & makes it much more subtle and streamlined for day to day users.
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Reolink App for PC: An application that eases Home Security & makes it much more subtle and streamlined for day to day users.

About Reolink App for PC

Protecting our homes from danger is a primary responsibility in today’s busy society. Monitoring your house is now easier than ever thanks to smart home technologies. A practical solution for monitoring and operating your network of Reolink security cameras from your personal computer is the Reolink App for PC. In this post, we’ll go through the benefits of utilizing the Reolink App on a PC and how it could simplify home security.

Reolink App for PC Core Functionality

Ease of Use-Centered Design

Due to its user-friendly layout, the Reolink App for PC is usable by users of all technical skill levels. No of their level of security system knowledge, anybody may use the app thanks to its user-friendly design. The setup procedure for the Reolink app on PC is as straightforward. Anyone may rapidly get functional security cameras functional thanks to simple setup instructions, enabling them to immediately rest comfortable.

Reolink App for PC

Observation and Reporting Under Control

One of the main advantages of the Reolink App for PC is the capability of remote viewing and monitoring. By connecting the app to your Reolink cameras, you can monitor your property from anywhere in the world. The app gives you access to real-time video feeds and instant notifications so you can check on the security of your house from anywhere, whether you’re at work, away from home, or just in another room.

Alerts Upon Movement Detection

The Reolink app’s surveillance capabilities are increased with the inclusion of sophisticated motion detection features in the PC version. Users may set their own criteria for what constitutes suspicious behavior, and if motion is detected, they will get prompt warnings. The app alerts you to any activity occurring on or close to your property, including potential break-ins, deliveries, and pet movements.

Multiple Recording Options

To meet a range of user needs, the Reolink App for PC offers programmable recording options. The user may choose between continuous, scheduled, and motion-activated recording. This versatility enables the capture of crucial events without overwhelming the user with an excessive quantity of unnecessary footage, as well as helping to save storage space.

Discreet Playback and Search

Finding certain moments amid hours or days worth of recorded video may be difficult. But the Reolink App for PC’s sophisticated playback and search functions make this process much simpler. Users may easily navigate through recorded video thanks to the app’s timeline feature and date/time selector. This tool instantly locates the appropriate portions while saving time and work.

Remote Control and Intercom with Two-Way Audio

The Reolink App for PC supports two-way audio in contrast to traditional surveillance systems. This feature allows users to communicate live with others who are on the other side of the camera. Simple remote communication is made possible by the program, whether it’s to give a delivery person instructions or to check in on family members. Additionally, users may change the camera’s angle or magnification remotely to enhance their view of any situation.

Reolink Features

  • Remote viewing: With this function, anybody in the globe may see their Reolink security cameras.
  • Real-time video feeds: With live video watching, you can keep an eye on your property at all times.
  • Users get prompt warnings from motion detection systems so they are immediately aware of any unusual activity.
  • Adjustable Motion Detection Settings: This feature enables users to alter the motion detection’s sensitivity and its search area.
  • Flexible Options for Recording: You may decide whether to record constantly, according to a schedule, or when motion is detected.
  • Smart Playback and Search: With the help of a timeline or a particular date and time, users may swiftly explore and search through recorded material.
  • Two-Way Audio: This feature enables users and others on the other end of the camera to communicate in real time, enabling remote interaction.
  • Remote camera control: This function enables you to adjust the camera’s magnification and angle remotely to enhance monitoring.
Reolink App for PC

Reolink App: Pros and Cons


  • User-Friendly Interface: The app’s layout makes it simple to use for users of various tech backgrounds.
  • Using your PC and remote tracking, it’s simple to monitor your property from any location in the globe.
  • Motion Detection notifications: Immediate notifications inform you of any potential security issues immediately.
  • Adjustable settings: Users may alter the motion detection and recording options to suit their requirements.
  • Talk to individuals on the opposite side of the camera in real time with the two-way audio capability.
  • Smart Playback and Search: By making it simpler to locate certain occurrences in recorded footage, this feature saves time and effort.


  • Internet Requirement: In order to use the app remotely, a strong internet connection is required.
  • Only Windows and macOS, no other operating systems, are compatible with PCs.
  • Reolink Camera Dependence: The app was designed to operate with Reolink security cameras. Other camera kinds may not be compatible with it.
  • Limitations on Storage: The quantity of locally recorded video that may be retained on a PC depends on the amount of free hard drive space.

The Reolink App’s frequently asked questions are as follows:

Does the Reolink App work with all Reolink cams?
Yes, all Reolink security camera models are compatible with the Reolink App for PC.

Is it possible to utilize the Reolink PC App on many devices?
Yes, you may use more than one computer or laptop to run the Reolink App for PC and connect to your security cameras.

Does the Reolink need constant internet access?
Yes, an internet connection is required to access your Reolink cameras, get alerts, and see live video feeds.

Can I save captured video on my computer?
Yes, you may save recorded video directly on your computer’s hard drive or on other storage devices using the Reolink App for PC.


The Reolink App for PC is a useful tool that simplifies the upkeep of home security, to sum up. With a straightforward user interface, remote viewing, detection of movement, configurable recording settings, smart replay, and two-way audio, it enables users to simply monitor and control their Reolink security cameras. You might feel confident knowing that your home is safer than ever thanks to this cutting-edge software.

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How to install Reolink App for PC APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Reolink App for PC APK file.

2. Next install the Reolink App for PC file on your Windows laptop or computer.

3. Once you installed it, open the play store and login with your Gmail account.

4. And download the Reolink App for PC from the play store.

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