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The Steam Link app With the help of the mobile Steam Link app, you may instantly stream games from your Steam library to an Android device that supports it.
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Steam Link for PC Download: What happens if you start playing a game on your desktop Windows PC and then wish to continue it from another room or even outside the house? The first half of this conundrum may be avoided if you utilise Steam, Valve’s PC gaming platform. Steam Link is an in-home game streaming option that makes use of your local network. There is now a workaround for the second as well, however it comes with certain restrictions.

The Steam Link feature allows you to stream your games from anywhere using and download an Android or Apple device with just an internet connection, while the recently released Steam Deck has given players a new method to play games away from their PC (R.I.P Steam Link Box). Even for power users, using Steam Link may be difficult even if it has been out of beta for a while. As a result, don’t be shocked if your connection or performance fluctuates.

So let’s begin setting up Steam game streaming across desktops or between your PC and a mobile device.

About Steam Link for PC

With the help of the download mobile Steam Link app, you may instantly stream games from your Steam library to an Android device that supports it. You can play all of your games without actually being at your computer by using a Bluetooth-enabled controller or the official Steam controller.

If the device is suitable, this Android software for mobile PC gaming download enables direct Steam game streaming from your PC to an Android smartphone or tablet. You may play your games in another room, at work, or while travelling by using the official Steam controller or a Bluetooth controller from a third party. Your remote device merely depends on the necessary network connection as your desktop computer does the job.

Steam Link for PC
Steam Link for PC

The Functionality of Steam Link for PC

The newest games are all at your fingertips

Although the majority of game developers now have their own online shops, Steam was the first platform. Since then, Steam has evolved from a straightforward game store to a one-stop shop for PC gamers. Steam is accessible online for no cost and may be used in your browser.

Download several new games

The large selection of independent games available on Steam may be its most notable feature. The newest games from the biggest firms are available on Steam, but they also make a point of luring smaller independent developers. Since it’s simple for indie creators to advertise their games on Steam, successes like Hollow Knight, Cuphead, and Hotline Miami have resulted.

Steam faces opposition

Even if Steam is still a major player in the field of online shops, there are some indications that the platform is becoming older. Major developers are eschewing Steam in favour of their own proprietary clients on a regular basis. In this field of competition, which also includes customers like EA’s Origin service and Desura, The Epic Games Store has emerged victorious.

Key Points of Steam Link for PC

For the best Android TV performance:

  • Ethernet is a common way to connect a computer to a router.
  • Ethernet is used to connect your Android TV to your router.

For optimal use with smartphones and tablets:

  • Ethernet should be used to connect your PC to your 5GHz WiFi router.
  • Connect your Android smartphone to your WiFi network’s 5GHz band.
  • Maintain a fair distance between your Android smartphone and your router.

Pros and Cons of Steam Link for PC


  • Giant library
  • Regular sales
  • large number of independent books


  • Simple manipulation of ratings
  • A lack of consumer safeguards
  • Leading publishers leaving

User Reviews of Steam Link for PC


This attempt was a trash fire years ago. Now that I can play on the tablet while travelling or the TV at home, the performance is fantastic. For ideal outcomes: 1) Employ a widely used controller that has widespread acceptance (Xbox is ideal). 2) Verify that the games are downloaded from Steam and that they support controllers in some capacity (needed for touch too). Go fully hardwired if you can, but the very minimum is a PC linked to the router with a LAN connection. Your results may differ if you give in on these 3.


If you are aware of the prerequisites, it works nicely. If you have a reliable 5GHz WiFi router and a cable connection from your PC to the router, you will have the greatest experience. The majority of common phone controllers “simply work,” thus continuing a gaming session on a mobile device is really convenient. There will be some input latency even with the greatest connection. It’s OK for most games, but less so for rhythm and twitch shooters.


In terms of networking and allowing you to play games on your phone, this download Steam Link for PC is quite decent. It doesn’t need any particularly specialised equipment, and it feels just as seamless as your connection to the Steam library. However, I don’t like how difficult it is to utilise a Bluetooth-connected controller as an input choice. The software only supported touchscreens; it did not support any of the controllers I used since I did not know how to set them up properly. 4/5 for me.


With Steam Link for PC, I attempted what was then steam in-home streaming around five years ago. It was a horrible, awful, glitchy mess. Now, to to my amazement, I tried it again. The streaming solution offered by Steam has undergone tremendous development, and other original features have also been introduced. I like how many different control options there are. The ability to customise a controller or touch is unequalled in the industry for download streaming mobile apps. Well done.

Conclusion on Steam Link for PC

Playing your Steam PC games on the move is now possible thanks to Steam Link Download, even if there may be some potential frame rate and resolution restrictions and, of course, a smaller screen than you’re accustomed to. To determine if you can live with these disadvantages, you’ll need to give it a try.

What's new

* Steam Link no longer unpairs from previous accounts when pairing to a new Steam account on the same computer
* Fixed a crash at startup when some types of controllers are connected
* Please report bugs and crashes here:


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