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Termius is an SSH client and terminal how it should be. Connect with one tap from any mobile and desktop device—no re-entering IP addresses, ports, and passwords.
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Termius – SSH & SFTP Client for PC download: SSH is an acronym for Secure Shell. It functions as both a protocol and an application. An application is an executable programme that completes a task; a protocol is a standard or collection of shared codes that independent developers may use to build compatible apps without working together directly. Therefore, we will learn more about Termius – download SSH & SFTP Client for PC in this post.

About Termius – SSH & SFTP Client for PC

By pioneering in design and technology, Termius increases engineering efficiency and encourages cooperation. Termius is an SSH client that connects engineering teams, infrastructure data, and beautiful UX to help you get more done. Termius is download and used by millions of engineers worldwide to connect to distant servers, communicate connection information with their colleagues, be more efficient, and save time.

Termius - SSH and SFTP

Features of the Termius – SSH & SFTP Client for PC

A free Termius Starter package allows you to:

  • Use SSH, Mosh, Telnet, Port Forwarding, and SFTP to establish connections from your mobile and desktop device.
  • Use your Bluetooth keyboard or get a desktop-grade terminal experience with a virtual keyboard that includes all the necessary special keys.
  • While in the terminal, use motions or shake the device to simulate using the Tab, arrow, PgUp/Down, Home, End, etc.
  • A multi-tab interface and split-view functionality allow you to work in many sessions at once.
  • Customize the fonts and styles on your terminal for each connection.
  • Save your favourite and often used shell scripts and commands so you can tap rather than type to execute them.
  • Easily retrieve your terminal commands’ combined history.
  • Obtain the assistance of an ed25519 key, an ecdsa key, and a chacha20-poly1305 cypher.
  • Ad-free.

The Termius Pro plan additionally allows you to:

  • With a secured cloud vault, you can access your connection preferences and credentials from all of your devices at any time.
  • There are no restrictions on how many devices can sync.
  • Run your stored commands on other servers or sessions, or quickly have the terminal autocomplete them.
  • Use a serial cable to connect to your hardware.
  • Utilize hardware FIDO2 keys for authentication.
  • Use a proxy connection to hop servers.
  • Configure unique environment variables.
  • Connect to DigitalOcean and AWS.
  • Use Touch ID or Face ID to secure your login information, and use two-factor authentication to secure your account.
  • With SSH agent forwarding, you can keep your keys on your computer.

What’s New

  • A problem with the Apple SSO was resolved.
  • An enhancement in stability.
  • As well as further upgrades and bug fixes.

FAQs of Termius – SSH & SFTP Client for PC

Is it possible to get Termius – SSH & SFTP client for nothing?
Yes! Termius – SSH & SFTP client is available for free download from official websites.

Does the software work on a PC?
It’s simple! and you may quickly begin using the app and download.

The SSH & SFTP client Termius, will it run on Windows and MAC?
In a word, yeah! You may use Termius – SSH & SFTP client for PC on most versions of Windows or MAC by following the instructions in our free tutorial below.

User Reviews of Termius – SSH & SFTP download Client for PC


Termius – SSH & SFTP Client for PC download programme is the greatest terminal emulator/ssh client for mobile devices, in my opinion. However, I’m really disappointed to see that the premium features are now subscription-only and extremely expensive. I seem to recall that the premium version required a single payment. I had decided that although I would like to pay for the additional features, I would not spend that much. Now, I’m tempted to go elsewhere for an app that offers those features for a fair price.


There is a small learning curve, but it works quite well overall. I like it a lot more than some of the other applications that are comparable. With a Samsung tablet, I utilise it (I like the bigger screen for my work). I haven’t tested it on my Samsung phone yet, but I anticipate it to function just as well. If I move to another programme and then return to Termius, I do appear to get some app crosstalk, which frequently breaks the terminal connection. Since I rarely need to switch between programmes when using Termius, this hasn’t been a huge issue thus far, but it’s something the developers might want to consider. This software would be wonderful if it had TFTP as well! (Spooky hint)


Excellent SSH client. has all the necessary equipment. includes the arrow, control, alt, etc. And with just one swipe, you can configure it to sign into a server automatically. The one (very little) problem I’ve seen is that if you disconnect from a screen, you won’t be able to view any prior instructions or lines from when you first entered the panel.


Over the course of using it for more than 4 years, this programme has saved my behind more times than I can count. It is stylish, practical, packed with features, and dependable. Because it’s so simple to use, I probably use my phone to SSH into my home servers more often than I use my laptop. The fact that it is cloud-dependent and closed-source is my sole complaint. The app functions quite well without the subscription model, which is good. The added features are wonderful, but going back to the free download tier is also not all that horrible.

Conclusion on download Termius – SSH & SFTP Client for PC

After selecting Termius – SSH & SFTP Client for PC, you must familiarise yourself with how that interface operates. Many SSH application developers provide a few things to set their product apart from the competition. It’s possible that these added capabilities are what cause you to get reliant on that particular SSH interface and lose interest in continuing to look through all the options on the market. And lastly, when it comes to superior apps, the Termius – SSH & SFTP Client for PC download definitely stands out.

What's new

- Fixed an issue with the Apple SSO. - Stability improvements.


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