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Mar 17, 2023
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The Chosen Stream the Series for PC: A multi-season television programme called The Selected presents the story of Jesus Christ’s life from the viewpoint of people who knew Him well. The show has swiftly emerged as a fan favourite because it presents a fascinating and original perspective on the life and teachings of Jesus. We’ll talk about The Chosen in this blog post, including how to watch the show on your Desktop. So let’s get started now.

About The Chosen Stream the Series for PC

A multi-season television programme called The Selected presents the narrative of Jesus Christ from the viewpoint of people who knew Him well. The series is distinctive in that it presents a more relatable and human image of the Son of God while providing a new perspective on the teachings and life of Jesus.

Dallas Jenkins is the show’s producer and director, and a remarkable ensemble of actors—including Jonathan Roumie as Jesus, Shahar Isaac as Simon Peter, and Paras Patel as Matthew—perform in it.

Many outlets, including the official website, my VidAngel app, and the brand-new Chosen app, offer streaming for the show. The series has received praise for its excellent production value, compelling storytelling, and accurate depiction of biblical settings and characters.

The Chosen Stream the Series for PC

Functionality of The Chosen Stream the Series for PC

The main site, VidAngel app, and Chosen app all let you watch The Chosen to your Laptop. A straightforward and user-friendly layout on the official website makes it simple to navigate and discover the episode you want to watch. The website is also available in a number of languages, including German, Spanish, and Portuguese, making it accessible to a larger audience.

For a more streamlined viewing experience on a PC, users can download the VidAngel app from the Microsoft Store. The app has a number of functions, such as the ability to watch in numerous languages, download episodes, and watch offline.

For PC users, the new Selected app provides an even more immersive watching experience. The app offers unique cast and crew interviews, behind-the-scenes material, and a community component where users can interact with other series fans. The app provides an enhanced watching experience and is accessible for download from the official website.

UI and Interface of The Chosen: Stream the Series for PC

It is simple to explore and discover the episode you want to watch on The Chosen thanks to its user design. The website and apps have a simple, contemporary design that makes it simple to find what you’re searching for. They also include easy-to-read typefaces and vibrant colours. The episode pages provide a quick summary of the episode as well as a cast and crew list that contributed to its creation.

The immersive UI of the Selected app is designed with PC users in mind. The app has a sidebar menu that makes it simple to access the app’s many areas, such as the episodes, behind-the-scenes material, and community area. Also, the app has a search feature that makes it simple to

Features of The Chosen: Stream the Series for PC

  • All chapters of The Chosen, including seasons 1 and 2, are available.
  • The choice of downloading episodes to view offline
  • Possibility of streaming the series to a TV or other suitable devices
  • Exclusive conversations with the actors and crew and behind-the-scenes material
  • Possibility to interact with other fans via the community feature of the app
  • Customized alerts for new episodes and other crucial updates
  • Several languages of available subtitles

Pros and Cons of The Chosen: Stream the Series for PC

Pros of The Chosen: Stream the Series for PC:

  • The Chosen presents a distinctive and captivating viewpoint on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • The performers in the cast are very excellent, and the show is well-produced.
  • A large audience can watch The Chosen since it is streamable on several platforms.
  • More features and a more engaging watching experience are available on the VidAngel and Chosen apps.

Cons of The Chosen: Stream the Series for PC:

  • Not all streaming services have The Chosen accessible.
  • A more conventional presentation of Jesus Christ and His teachings may be preferred by certain viewers.
  • The fact that there are still more episodes to come in the series may irritate some fans.

FAQs of The Chosen: Stream the Series for PC

Is The Chosen app available for free download?
A membership is required to view the entire series, however the app is free to download.

What is the price of a subscription?
A: Subscription prices vary based on where you live, but they often range from $5 to $10 each month.

Does the app work across all platforms?
A: Both iOS and Android devices, as well as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast, support the app.

Are all nations able to access The Chosen series?
A: The series is accessible in the majority of nations, however certain places are still without it because of licencing limitations.

User Reviews of The Chosen: Stream the Series for PC


The show is excellent! excited about the upcoming episode. The app might use some assistance. Many concerns/suggestions: – There is no visible indicator of the episodes that have been viewed. -Doesn’t pick up where you left off immediately. – The audio for the upcoming episode begins playing while the credits are rolling. To resync audio and video, the app must be entirely closed. – I’ve made multiple attempts to give, but pressing the red button has no effect. Help is the same. – My smart TV couldn’t discover the app.


The programme is so fantastic that I would have given it five stars, but every time they update the app, I am unable to stream it on my TV. This time, after uninstalling and reinstalling, streaming was completely gone. At now, there is no option to cast to any TV on the app. Because of the terrible video quality while casting over YouTube, it is rather bothersome. I sincerely hope they can figure that out.


I adore both the new app and this programme. I was unable to get into the Aftershow. I could stream it from my phone to my TV. I merely had to go the TV settings on my Samsung TV and choose the mobile device before selecting screen share on my Samsung android phone. It performed flawlessly. I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew that if they have an Android device and were having trouble casting to their TV, they may need to check their TV or phone’s settings. Tonight’s episode was fantastic.

Conclusion on The Chosen: Stream the Series for PC

In conclusion, The Chosen app is a fantastic choice for anybody wishing to understand the life of Jesus in greater depth and from a new angle. An immersive watching experience is offered via the app’s unique material and behind-the-scenes access, while the community function enables users to connect with other fans and exchange views on the show. The ability to download & watch episodes offline makes it ideal for people with restricted internet connection, even though the cost of a membership may be a deterrent for others. For anybody interested in learning more about the life of Jesus in a fresh and engaging way, The Chosen app is unquestionably worthwhile to try.

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