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The Unarchiver is the new free decompression alternative that has just been installed on your computer. There are more than 30 distinct compression formats supported by this programme.
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The Unarchiver for PC Download: The Unarchiver is the new free decompression alternative that has just been installed on your computer. There are more than 30 distinct compression formats supported by this programme. Select which file types The Unarchiver will handle. Popular file formats including ZIP, RAR, 7-ZIP, LHA, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, ACE, or CAB are among those supported.

The Unarchiver’s settings window allows you to modify the program’s behaviour. So let’s explore and comprehend this wonderful programme and the technology it uses in greater depth.

About The Unarchiver Download for PC

With the help of the free, open-source The Unarchiver programme for Mac and Windows, you may extract files from a variety of archive types. The Unarchiver can handle any archive file, including ZIP, RAR, TAR, and 7Z Download.

The Unarchiver’s compatibility for a variety of archive formats is one of its most notable features. The Unarchiver can extract files from uncommon formats like LZH, ARJ, and CAB in addition to the most popular ones like ZIP and RAR. Because of this, it’s an excellent tool for anybody who often works with several archive kinds.

The Unarchiver for pc

Simplicity of Download The Unarchiver for PC

The Unarchiver’s simplicity of use is a wonderful additional feature. The software is designed to be easy to use and uncomplicated; it has a plain UI and no complex settings to worry about. The Unarchiver will automatically extract the contents for you when you just drag and drop the archive file onto it. You may extract files straight from the file manager thanks to the app’s integration with both the macOS Finder and the Windows Explorer.

The Unarchiver is simple to use, supports a broad variety of archive formats, and is lightweight and quick. The programme is an excellent option for anybody trying to extract data without slowing down their PC since it utilises little system resources and can swiftly open big archives.

Features of the The Unarchiver for Download PC

The Unarchiver for PC has a few features, such as:

  • Numerous archive formats, such as ZIP, RAR, TAR, 7Z, and others, are supported.
  • Simple to use with no complex settings and a basic UI
  • Support for extracting files through drag and drop
  • Direct file extraction from the file manager via integration with the Windows Explorer and the macOS Finder
  • Lightweight, quick, and little using system resources
  • Free and open source
  • The development team releases frequent updates and introduces new features.
  • available on both Windows and Mac Download
  • allows for password-protected archive extraction (for some formats)
  • The Unarchiver may be made the default application for opening certain kinds of archives.

FAQs of The Unarchiver for PC

The Unarchiver is available for both Windows and Mac or not?
A: The Unarchiver is indeed available for both Windows and Mac.

The Unarchiver is free to use, right?
A: The Unarchiver is an open-source, free tool. It is free to use and does not need a membership.

Does The Unarchiver allow for password-protected archive extraction?
A: The Unarchiver does not handle all file types when extracting password-protected archives. You should be aware that The Unarchiver is not intended to decipher passwords, therefore in order to extract a password-protected archive, you will need to know the password.

Is it possible to make The Unarchiver the default application for opening certain archive types?
A: You can make The Unarchiver the default software for opening certain archive types, yes. As a result, when you double-click an archive file, The Unarchiver will launch by default as opposed to another software.

Does The Unarchiver have any sophisticated settings or features?
A: The Unarchiver is intended to be a simplistic tool with few options and an easy-to-use UI. No of your level of technical experience, it should be simple to use. The programme does, however, include some sophisticated features, such as the capability to make it the default app for certain archive kinds.

The Unarchiver For Pc Download

User Reviews of The Unarchiver Download for PC


Then they encountered an issue with 3.11.2, which they believe was resolved in 3.11.3. However, version 3.11.3 has more issues. Prior to the program’s most recent two releases, I could choose “Compress “some directory”” from the app finder menu and then, a short time later, “this app” to uncompress it. Suddenly, a notification regarding the app encoding that the compressed app file utilises appears. I’m currently running the app’s activities using command line tools. By the way, if you choose more than 250 files from the Finder and launch “this programme,” there seems to be another issue.


I’m trying to customise this app’s options after just installing it. I can’t deselect a file format that I don’t want this software to automatically expand when I attempt to do so. A dialogue box appears with the option to “Set another app as the app default app for specified file types.” It explains the process for designating default programmes for certain file types in smaller print. This conduct irritates me to no end. I shouldn’t have to set default apps if I don’t already know how, just so I may uncheck a file type in this app’s options. I will no longer use the app because of this conduct. Fix this annoying behaviour, please. It is irrational.


Several tools exist that can uncompress files (zip, rar, etc.) The ability of this free tool to predict file names’ encoding and identify it makes it stand out, however. For instance, the Mac’s default unarchiving software renders all of the programme file names unintelligible when I get zip files with file names in Korean or Japanese. This tool can identify certain files and make educated guesses about their names (often accurately). I’ve been using this app Download for a long time, and it’s still the greatest.


This is installed on each of my computers that can use it. It is by far the simplest programme you will ever come across for extracting just about any file bundle. Essentially the 7zip for Mac software. It’s astonishing that MacPaw has offered this application (and updates) via the Mac App Store for so long and Download. Many thanks to the app developer. whenever you can, purchase their software. Furthermore, their other programmes are excellent.

Conclusion on The Unarchiver Download for PC

For anybody who wants to extract data from a variety of archive types, The Unarchiver for PC Download is a great programme overall. It is a fantastic option for both Mac and Windows users because to its extensive format compatibility, simplicity of use, and lightweight design.

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