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Sep 13, 2022
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VI Monitor for PC download: VI Monitor is a cutting-edge and potent programme made to assist users in tracking and analysing their computer’s performance in real-time. To make sure that your system is operating smoothly and effectively, you may use VI Monitor to monitor your CPU utilisation, memory consumption, disc activity, and network traffic, among other things. We’ll examine VI Monitor’s main features, advantages, and frequently asked questions in more detail in this blog article.

About VI Monitor for PC

VI Monitor download for PC is a potent and cutting-edge performance monitoring programme for Windows PCs that provides in-the-moment monitoring and analysis of CPU, memory, disc, and network traffic utilisation. A user-friendly interface with adjustable widgets and themes, extensive statistics and graphs to assist users assess their system performance over time, customisable alarms when system resources exceed certain levels, and minimal resource utilisation are all provided by the programme.

VI Monitor for PC
VI Monitor for PC

VI Monitor’s real-time monitoring feature, which gives customers the most recent data about their computer’s performance, is one of its key advantages. Users may establish specified system resource thresholds and get messages when they are surpassed using the customisable alerts. The programme is ideal for use in the background while other apps are running because of the minimal resource utilisation, which guarantees that it has no negative effects on system performance.

Functionality of VI Monitor for PC download

The extensive performance monitoring capabilities offered by VI Monitor provide consumers insightful knowledge about how their machine performs. With the help of the adaptable alerts, you may be informed of any difficulties before they develop into major ones and take fast remedial action. You may use your computer as usual while VI Monitor runs in the background thanks to the minimal resource utilisation, which assures that VI Monitor itself has no negative effects on system performance.

Features of VI Monitor for PC

  • Processor, memory, storage, and network activity tracking in real time
  • You may examine performance over time with the aid of in-depth reports and graphs.
  • Alerts that may be customised when system resources reach certain criteria
  • little influence on system performance due to low resource use
  • a user-friendly interface with themes and widgets that are adjustable
  • the capacity to export data in several forms for further analysis
  • a combination of Task Manager and Resource Monitor with additional programmes and technologies.

Pros and Cons of VI Monitor for PC


  • Monitoring of system resources in real-time, including CPU utilisation, memory usage, disc activity, and network traffic Customized notifications when system resources exceed certain levels
  • Minimal resource consumption guarantees less influence on system performance.
  • A user-friendly interface with themes and widgets that are adjustable
  • Enables users to see comprehensive reports and graphs that show system performance over time.


  • limited to Windows OS platforms only
  • more expensive than some alternative monitoring solutions
  • Does not provide any further functionality, such as virus detection or system optimization, and is just capable of monitoring system performance.

FAQs of VI Monitor for PC

Does VI Monitor work with all Windows versions?
A: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 are all compatible with the VI Monitor download.

How often is the monitoring data updated by VI Monitor?
A: VI Monitor’s monitoring data is updated in real-time, giving consumers the most recent knowledge about their system’s performance.

Is it possible to modify the warnings in VI Monitor?
A: Indeed, VI Monitor enables the setting of customised warnings for certain system resources.

What is the price of the VI Monitor?
A: VI Monitor is trial-available for free download; but, in order to continue using the programme, a one-time fee of $19.99 must be made.

Can VI Monitor data be exported for further analysis?
A: Yes, users of VI Monitor download may export data in a number of formats, including CSV and HTML.

User Reviews of VI Monitor for PC


Amazing software! I tested various motion detection apps before deciding this one has the most capabilities and options. None had a genuine alarm noise or would let me accomplish what I required. It’s not at all useful to me if someone is breaking in when many applications just send emails or texts when motion is detected. There are various different noises available, and you can choose the time it goes off as well.


I used and download many applications (I think 5 or 6 others). The finest is this one. dependable, simple to assemble, and surprisingly high quality. It’s a good touch to have the option to alter the regions where movement is detected (using very precise quadrants). One is on my window ledge to monitor the front entrance and driveway, and the other is on my window ledge to watch my dogs when I’m away. Zooming into certain regions rather than simply the centre is the one thing I wish I could alter. Hardly a deal breaker, however, for such a fantastic free software.


Your software is awesome! I’ve used it to keep an eye on things for more than two years. But lately I’ve had a little difficulty. Recently, I have been unable to access the live stream from my camera (Samsung galaxy s9+ and Samsung note9) (s). No matter whatever phone I use as the camera, all I can see when I attempt to see the live broadcast is a blank screen. I can still examine the still images that motion detection captures. Moreover, after 3000 photographs, turning off motion detection is a pain. Can you do without it?

Conclusion on VI Monitor for PC

VI Monitor is a fantastic tool for both beginning and experienced users because to its user-friendly interface and customisable widgets and themes. As data can be exported in a variety of forms, VI Monitor is a robust and adaptable performance monitoring solution that enables further analysis and interaction with other tools.

In conclusion, download VI Monitor is a crucial tool for anybody wishing to enhance their computer’s functionality and make certain that it is operating smoothly and effectively. It is the perfect option for both personal and commercial use because to its real-time monitoring, customised warnings, and minimal resource utilisation. download VI Monitor offers plenty to offer, regardless matter whether you’re a gamer, a graphic artist, or simply a normal computer user. So why not give it a go right now and see for yourself how it may enhance the performance of your computer?

What's new

- Added support for 6-camera views
- Fixed streaming issues
- Added support for H.265 decoding

NOTE: All new features and bug fixes require server version 7.9.3


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