Easy-to-use video editor and professional video maker VivaVideo makes it simple to document and share your life.
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VivaVideo for PC Download: You’ve undoubtedly seen a lot of videos created using this fantastic video editing program. With regard to simple, quick video editing on android devices One of the most widely used applications right now is VivaVideo. It includes several essential functions and is quite simple to use.

For android smartphones, VivaVideo is a free video editor Download. You may edit films, make transitions, clip and paste videos, and use a variety of effects and filters. When you’re done editing your films, you can immediately upload them to social networking sites like Vine, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. So let’s explore and comprehend this software in greater depth.

VivaVideo for PC

About VivaVideo for PC

A free video editing program and picture video creator with music is called VivaVideo. Additionally, it is a simple to use movie creator and video editor for Tik Tok, Instagram, and YouTube. With VivaVideo, you can quickly clip, combine, add stickers, add text, create videos from photos with music, edit videos with music for YouTube, and more.

Easy-to-use video editor and professional video maker VivaVideo makes it simple to document and share your life. Professionals may have endless hours of editing fun with sophisticated high-end editing tools, while amateurs can chop and mix straightforward and intuitive footage whenever and wherever they choose.

With VivaVideo, you may edit movies with all kinds of effective features, like cutting, merging, adding music and amazing transition effects, adding stickers and text, and more.

Features of the VivaVideo Download for PC

Video Editor App that is Cool

  • An all-in-one video editing tool that enables anybody to make amazing films.
  • Top-notch video templates with magical transitions and effects.
  • A video editing software with chic themes for making excellent vlogs.
  • It is simple to use photographs to create a nice, 10-second music video.

Expert Video Editor App Download

  • Offer several options for editing videos, including the ability to cut, combine, copy, paste, split, drag, and delete video clips.
  • Edit films with transitions, add music, merge clips, and lengthen videos.
  • Allows for a video speed modification of 0.1 to 10x.
  • Rotate and trim the video area at random.
  • A vast assortment of stickers and music.

Making videos with music

  • Capable of producing videos using the newest music and photographs.
  • Free Download tik tok music video creator with lyrics. Make fashionable short films with VivaVideo.
  • A skilled producer of music videos with transitions and effects. Easily create films from photos with top-notch music.
  • Add sound effects and free featured music to videos.
  • Record your own voice, add voiceover to videos, and make personalized films.

Cut and edit videos

  • Split or multiple-split videos into segments by cutting, merging, or splitting them on a timeline.
  • Video may be cropped, edited with music and images, and combined with transitional effects.
  • Crop a video without compromising its quality. YouTube video editor and cutter that is simple to use.

App to Create Videos

  • Create amazing transition effects for videos, add music and images to them, and crop them on Instagram. Get creative with your creation by drawing inspiration from great materials.
  • Combine video snippets to produce a single video to make the process easier.

Video Editor Blur

  • Make your movies and photographs’ backgrounds blurry. Tik Tok’s professional video backdrop editing software.
  • Make the backdrop of your Instagram and YouTube videos fuzzy. FREE video blurring software.

Text added to a video

  • Text with a font and style on a video.
  • Add subtitles to videos and use different text editing fonts.
  • Provide mass editing effects and numerous text editing to photos and videos.

Editor of video effects

  • Professional video effects include transition effects, glitch effects, and so on.
  • Add video filters in the manner of movies.
  • Stunning VHS effects and FX effects from video editing. Video editing program with music and text that is cool.

Save and share videos

  • Export videos and movies in 720p, 1080p, and 4K resolutions. Free video editor and movie maker with all the tools.
  • Video sharing sites like Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube all accept saved videos.

FAQs of VivaVideo for PC

VivaVideo is it free?
Yes! Visit the detailed instructions above, and I’ll demonstrate.

VivaVideo: Is It Secure?
You shouldn’t be concerned about malware, viruses, or cyberattacks as long as you download the program from the official website. Utilize this approach to safely VivaVideo to your PC.

VivaVideo for PC is it free Download?
Yes! Visit the detailed instructions above, and I’ll demonstrate.

VivaVideo for PC: Is It Secure?
You shouldn’t be concerned about malware, viruses, or cyberattacks as long as you download the program from the official website. Utilize this approach to safely VivaVideo to your PC.

Can I Download and Install VivaVideo on My PC for Free using an iOS Emulator?
Yes, you may get free iOS emulators. You can try the iOS emulators SmartFace, AIR iPhone, and iPadian.

User Reviews of VivaVideo for PC


I’m delighted I was encouraged to submit a review since I was hoped to be able to Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of slideshow/video producers, and every time, there’s either a restriction of 30 photographs, a restriction on adding my own music, too much complexity, etc. I grabbed this app at random since I needed to create a gorgeous slideshow this week, and I’m so happy I did. I am really appreciative of this app’s excellence and simplicity. I spent five minutes making a lovely slideshow. I greatly appreciate it. Perfect!!


The Download VivaVideo for PC software is incredible! I genuinely believed the reviews would be false, but I’m pleasantly surprised. Each slide may be edited as you go. It’s quite simple to choose the photos or movies you desire. You can alter the sequence. Put some music in. The only problem I had, which is actually not even that big of a deal, was that I couldn’t choose which song clip I wanted, but to be absolutely honest, I think I simply overlooked the place where the selection lies. You can even go for five minutes. That’s incredible. Amazing app


This APP has been my daily driver for almost a year. The app is fantastic. However, since this program recently received an update, it keeps logging me out while I’m editing. Additionally, when I try to render my film, it stops when it hits 51% on the 1080P HD settings and is still unfinished. This, I assume, is a bug problem.


The software was initially operating fantastically; it exported and everything was kept in sync. However, now whenever I try to export a movie that I had worked really hard on, it continues failing. Not only does it continually fail to export, regardless of whether it is in Normal, HD, or Ultra HD, but if it DOES export by chance after several attempts. Your labor-intensively produced video is suddenly glitchy and out of sync. It’s not the same as it was before exporting. The transitions, text, and effects all have improper timing. Please address the bugs.

Conclusion on VivaVideo for PC

A really ambient and vibrant tool for video editing that is loaded with some of the best features. This app really stands out from the rest of the crowd because the functionality and most importantly the user experience of the VivaVideo for PC Download really stands out. Overall a really great app that is totally worth installing.

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