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Webex Meeting App for PC is a Windows application that links you and a group of people. The software includes a straightforward UI that makes it easy to hold video chats, much like with its Android counterpart.
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Webex Meeting App for PC Download: The Cisco WebEx Meetings Desktop software has taken the position of WebEx Productivity Tools. You can instantly arrange, initiate, and attend meetings using the download Cisco WebEx Meetings Desktop App without visiting to your WebEx site. Even when it’s hard to meet in person, you may collaborate with Meetings by holding video conference calls. Both a free version and a premium subscription are offered. So let’s discover and comprehend more about this amazing software in greater depth right now.

Webex Meeting App for PC

About Webex Meeting App for PC Download

Using your PCs, download Webex Meeting App for PC is a Windows application that links you and a group of people. The software includes a straightforward UI that makes it easy to hold video chats, much like with its Android counterpart.

The technology Cisco Webex Meetings delivers contains the quality assurance that this telecommunications firm has always given, which is one of its important features. As a result, if you have a strong Internet connection, you won’t have any problems and can have your meetings in confidence that the broadcast will be of the highest calibre.

During each call on Cisco Webex Meetings, you may connect with other participants through image and video. To save on bandwidth usage and still talking on the phone, you may always switch off the camera’s picture. Additionally, the application enables users to save a contact list for quicker meetings in the future.

What can you do with Webex Meeting App download for PC ?

Hosting interactive webinars with HD video and broadcast-quality audio for up to 3,000 viewers is possible with Cisco Webex Events.

Use the expertise of Cisco Webex Webcasting to host massive virtual events with up to 100,000 attendees and make sure they are a success.

Online education
With Cisco Webex Training, manage live or on-demand training. More than 1,000 people can attend breakout sessions, tests, and automatic grading.

Remote assistance
Cisco Live chat and remote desktop control are two effective methods used by Webex Support to deliver client care.

Features of the download Webex Meeting App for PC

  • Join any meeting or webinar and present there.
  • Make your video’s layout unique.
  • Display, polls, annotations, and more may all be shared.
  • Engage in conversation and in-person reactions.
  • Translate our meeting instantly into more than 100 languages.
  • Record meetings so that anyone who was absent may catch up.

Pros and Cons of Webex Meeting App


  • supports more than 40,000 persons on one call.
  • allows for automated recording.
  • synchronisation across platforms is a feature.
  • includes a screen-sharing feature.


  • The calibre of the audio and video may suffer.

FAQs of Webex Meeting App for PC

How do you begin with the Webex Meeting App download for PC?
The typical sign-up procedure involves entering the organization’s credentials and selecting a payment method, just like it does with other products in this category. Starting a new meeting is straightforward once you’ve joined up.

How does the UI of Webex Meeting App for download PC look?
Webex guarantees a clear and uncomplicated interface while you’re in a meeting. You may access basic controls to unmute or mute the mic at the bottom of the screen. The video can also be started or stopped at this point. There is a share screen button right next to it.

The functioning of Webex Meeting App for PC what is it?
The video conferencing software functions in a similar manner to Zoom and Skype. As a result, you get access to all the standard features, such as file and screen sharing, chat messaging, and cross-platform functionality. Setting up meetings, whether you want to host them right away or plan them for later, is rather simple.

Do I require a separate account for Webex Meetings?
As previously indicated, the video conferencing technology allows for the addition of up to 40,000 participants in a single conference. Without creating an account or installing an application, users can join a meeting.

User Reviews of Webex Meeting download App for PC


My Chromebook did not respond well to this software. I struggled a lot with the audio. I stopped having audio or reception troubles and started using my Smart phone instead with my Bluetooth headset. However, if I receive an incoming call, the meeting finishes, and I must sign out and then sign back in. It interferes with services. I would appreciate any advice on how to stop that. I discovered a few excellent hands-free phone holders. I don’t want to seem like an advertisement, but Five Below offers some excellent ones.


I believe it will benefit Telemed. A physical meeting-like fixed sight and audio should be present. If not, you could unintentionally interrupt someone. Unless you have icons for conversation, they should be in the upper left corner and not the bottom. When you move around, the connection breaks off and you are unable to see the moderator or vice versa.


Cut off video, occasionally froze, or didn’t pick up all audio, but overall good for a four-person virtual meeting. It was simple to follow along and participate in the conversation because everyone could be seen on a phone and the camera didn’t constantly flip between the host and the person speaking. I would admit that holding a meeting for an hour requires a lot of data, so unless you have internet, using a phone while doing so might not be the greatest option. Don’t forget to bring a charger, too! quickly depleted my battery!


I’ve utilised Webex Meeting App for PC for court proceedings twice now, and I’d say it’s straightforward, user-friendly, and self-explanatory. Keep your Good charger close by if you need to use it for a prolonged amount of time, such as more than an hour or two. The first time I used it, I did so on my phone during a hearing that lasted three hours. At the time, all I had was an outdated charger that would charge briefly before shutting off. At the very end, it perished. Although it was my fault, it was stressful.


Webex Meeting App for PC download is unquestionably a reliable, attractive, and feature-rich virtual meeting platform. Despite being accessible to everybody, corporations and remote teams frequently use the app. Despite having outstanding audio and video quality, the reliability of the connection is what matters most. Additionally, accessing the recordings might occasionally be a challenge, which is a bothersome problem. However, Webex download is a great option for collaborating and staying connected when working away.

Cisco Webex Meetings enables video calls from any Windows-based PC download. When you need to communicate over the Internet, choose this programme due to its user-friendly interface and the options it provides to arrange the broadcast.

What's new

Android: • New in-meeting setting option to control self-view in grid layout • In-meeting chat enhancement for webinars: panelist can chat with attendees • Usability improvements • Bug fixes



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