“What is Ubuntu?”, is one of the most asked questions by non-Linux users. After seeing anyone using Ubuntu or any other Linux, if you treat them as doing some advanced stuff, stop doing it. Our beginner’s guide on What is Ubuntu will help you in knowing about this OS.

The simple answer to “What is Ubuntu” is that it is one of the most popular Linux distributions that is based on Debian. All Linux distributions are based on Linux kernels.

Since you are reading this article, there is a chance that you are a Windows or macOS user. If you treat Ubuntu (or other Linux) as some advanced tech stuff, there is no need to do that. It is also an Operation System like Windows and macOS. But, there are some differences that make it different.

Open Source

Windows and macOS are closed source Operating Systems. But, Ubuntu is an Open Source OS just like any other Linux distribution. Due to this, you can access the source codes of this OS easily. Like any other Open Source OS (or program), Ubuntu is also available for free.

Graphical Environment

Without Graphical Environment, an OS will not be user-friendly. You will only get a terminal on which all the work will be done through commands.

Earlier, Linux was not user-friendly. But now, Ubuntu is one of the most user-friendly Linux distribution that you can use as your primary OS.

Package Manager

In Linux, all software installation removal is managed by a package manager. Ubuntu uses “apt package manager”. It is mainly used by all Debian-based Linux.

Here is an example of how you can use the apt package manager from your Terminal. The following command will install Vlc Media Player.

apt-get install vlc

You will need to add sudo before this code if you are not a “Root” user. If you do not want to use commands to install software, you can use Ubuntu Software Center, a GUI software to download apps.

sudo Previlage

In Linux, sudo provides you the administrator access (root privilege) in your terminal to perform those tasks that you cannot perform as a normal user.

Ubuntu Servers

You may be knowing that almost all the servers in the world run on Linux. But, the most interesting thing is that about 90% of these servers run on Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution for both Server as well as Client based PC.

But, it is sad that only a handful of Client PC users use Ubuntu or any Linux distribution as their primary OS. The reason that almost all servers run on Linux is it is a fast Operating System and uses less resources. So, using Ubuntu on your client based PC will make it fast.

Installing Ubuntu

You can make a bootable USB drive and install Ubuntu on your system. Apart from that, Ubuntu can be also installed and used on a USB drive. Installing Ubuntu on Virtual Machine will help you in trying and using this OS on your System without modifying the Computer.

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