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Installing the application on your phone is required to use WhatsApp Desktop, after which you may use the app on your computer simply scanning a QR code with your smartphone.
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Dec 5, 2022
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WhatsApp Desktop for PC Download: One of the greatest problems with WhatsApp Web is that you need a suitable web browser to access it on your PC. Fortunately, this fully independent desktop client version has all the functionality of the web version and is simple to operate inside its own window.

Similar to the web browser version, you must scan a QR code on your smartphone from inside Whatsapp in order to sync this software with your phone. Simply touch the WhatsApp Web icon located in this app’s navigation bar. All of your discussions, sessions, and contacts will then sync, enabling hassle-free interaction with them from your PC.

You may transmit films and photographs that you shoot using the integrated camera on your desktop (if one is available) while managing groups and sending and receiving messages. The only restriction is the one we just stated; in order to use it on your PC, it must be installed and active on your Android or iOS device. So let’s explore and comprehend this incredible software in greater depth.

WhatsApp Desktop For PC

About Download WhatsApp Desktop for PC

The well-known messaging service WhatsApp has a desktop version that can be used and Download on a PC or Mac. By using a computer instead than only a phone, users may access their WhatsApp account and chat with friends and family. Installing the application on your phone is required to use WhatsApp Desktop Download, after which you may use the app on your computer simply scanning a QR code with your smartphone.

The ability to receive and send messages, photographs, and videos without needing to touch a phone is one of WhatsApp Desktop’s key advantages. People who spend a lot of time at their computers and wish to maintain communication with their contacts without continually switching between devices may find this to be very helpful.

Features of the WhatsApp Desktop Download for PC

Many of the features found in the mobile app are also included here, including:

  • Basic messaging: WhatsApp Desktop enables users to communicate with their connections by sending and receiving text messages, images, and videos.
  • Ease of Calls: Users may call other WhatsApp users straight from their computer using voice and video calls.
  • Connections: Users may establish and join group chats with their connections, which makes it simple to talk to several people at once.
  • File sharing: Users of WhatsApp Desktop may send documents, PDFs, as well as other types of files to their contacts.
  • End-to-end encryption: WhatsApp encrypts all messages sent and received, guaranteeing that only the sender and receiver can read them. This protects the privacy of all conversations.
  • Tailor as per needs: Users may tailor their experience by changing the chat backdrops and notification settings.
  • Integration with other applications: To exchange and work together on files, WhatsApp Desktop may be used in combination with other applications and services, such as Google Drive.

FAQs of WhatsApp Desktop for Download PC

WhatsApp Desktop for PC: What is it?
For Windows, there is a version of WhatsApp Messenger called WhatsApp Desktop for Download. You may communicate on your computer with your contacts with this programme. The features are the same as on Android, and real-time conversation synchronisation is available.

Whatsapp Desktop activation instructions?
Open the Android app, then hit the three dots to enable WhatsApp Desktop. There is a connect devices option available. Simply scan the WhatsApp Desktop QR code after that.

How does WhatsApp for Desktop function?
The Android and desktop versions of WhatsApp function identically. Both variants of it have the same features and look. To launch Windows on your computer, just scan the QR code.

How do I turn on screen notifications for WhatsApp Desktop?
Open Menu > Settings to enable WhatsApp Desktop alerts on your screen. To personalise your notifications, hit Notifications from there. Here, you may turn on or off the message previews, noises, notifications, and quiet.

How do I receive WhatsApp Desktop alerts on my computer?
Open the settings and choose notifications from the menu to get alerts for WhatsApp Desktop on your computer. There, you may turn on visual or aural warnings as well as check the message preview box.

How can I get WhatsApp for Desktop?
From Uptodown, you can easily get WhatsApp Desktop. You may get the most recent version or any of its older versions without charge from this page.

User Reviews of WhatsApp Desktop Download for PC


This app is great. Due to how convenient voice notes and video chat are, the majority of my friend and family groups have recently switched over. Having said that, I would prefer if there was a way to restrict the auto-download of images and videos to individual or group chats rather than the whole application. I prefer to preserve pictures from certain discussions, but not from others, so having to manually erase them from my files is a little bothersome. That is the reason I deducted a star. The app is generally rather nice.


Although it’s a decent programme and does the job, switching between phones is a complete pain, and nobody can seem to explain how to do it. I only want to transfer everything, including conversations, from an old phone and number to a new phone and number since the online instructions are unclear and incorrect, and the independent websites are unclear and incorrect. I believe that building a spacecraft that can travel at the speed of light would be simpler and that it is now far more difficult than it has to be.


One of the greatest apps for free phone, video, and message calls. Additionally, it has community and group functions that are excellent for simultaneously distributing messages to large numbers of recipients. Although the calling feature is broken in Saudi Arabia, it would be amazing if the developer could solve it. Additionally, there are no advertising. Additionally, we can choose the style and chat background, and the new avatar function is fantastic.

Conclusion on WhatsApp Desktop for Download PC

WhatsApp Desktop for PC offers phone and video calling capabilities in addition to standard messaging capabilities, enabling users to hold in-person discussions with their contacts right from their computer. It also gives users the option to exchange papers and other data, as well as to start and join group discussions. In conclusion, WhatsApp Desktop is an easy-to-use and Download practical application for users who wish to communicate with their contacts through WhatsApp on their computer.


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