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This software programme was created to make it easier for you to comprehend how your disc space is being utilised so you may manage your storage in an educated manner.
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WhatSize for Windows PC Download: File management is the process of efficiently and methodically managing and keeping digital information. This comprises actions like naming, renaming, moving, copying, removing, and arranging files and folders into certain directories. Effective file management may help you become more productive and organise your digital workspace. Consequently, let’s discuss about WhatSize for Windows PC, which is the master in this field.

About WhatSize for Windows PC

For download for Windows PCs, WhatSize is a powerful and flexible disc space analyzer. This software programme was created to make it easier for you to comprehend how your disc space is being utilised so you may manage your storage in an educated manner. WhatSize is the ideal tool for the task, whether you’re looking to clear up space on your hard drive or you just want to see where all your storage is going.

WhatSize’s ability to scan your whole hard drive and provide thorough data on the space utilisation of all your files and folders is one of its primary features. This contains details about the quantity of files, the overall size of each folder, and even the particular file kinds that are using the most space. Using this information, you may locate big files or folders that are no longer needed fast and remove them to make room.

WhatSize for Windows PC
WhatSize for Windows PC

The Functionality of Download WhatSize for Windows PC

WhatSize also has a variety of cutting-edge features that increase its potency. It may, for instance, search your hard disc for duplicate files and assist you in finding and removing them. Additionally, it has the ability to scan your hard drive for deleted files that are still eating up space. This might be especially helpful if you’ve just purged a lot of files but your storage space hasn’t increased.

The capability of WhatSize to schedule scans is yet another fantastic feature. So that you can monitor how your storage is being utilised over time, you may configure the programme to automatically scan your hard drive at regular intervals. This is particularly helpful if you want to spot patterns in your storage consumption, such a rapid rise in the volume of huge files.

WhatSize is also quite adaptable, so you may customise the programme to meet your unique requirements. For instance, you may change the program’s information display settings and decide which kinds of files and folders to include or leave out of scans. This enables you to concentrate on the parts of your storage that matter to you the most.

WhatSize is not just packed with functionality, but it is also remarkably simple to use. The application includes an easy-to-use interface that is meant to be simple and intuitive. This makes it available and download to users of all experience levels, from novices to experts.

Features of download the WhatSize for Windows PC

  • Disk space analysis: WhatSize is able to scan your whole hard disc and provide thorough data on the amount of space each of your files and folders use.
  • Advanced Scanning: The programme can search your hard disc for duplicate files and files that have been removed but are still using space.
  • Scheduled Scans: This feature allows you to plan scans at recurring times so you can monitor how your storage is being utilised over time.
  • Customizable: Enables you to adjust the software to your own requirements by altering the information displayed by the application and selecting which kinds of files and folders to include or exclude from scans.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The application is easy to use and has an intuitive, uncomplicated design that makes it accessible to users of all ability levels.
  • Simple to Use: Even for individuals who are not technologically inclined, the programme is straightforward to use and navigate.

FAQs of WhatSize for Windows PC

Is it free download to use WhatSize for Windows PC?
Both a free trial and a premium version are available for WhatSize download. Even if the free trial version has certain feature restrictions, you may still try the programme to determine whether it fulfils your requirements before you decide to buy it.

Can WhatSize for Windows PC be used on platforms outside Windows download?
WhatSize is made only for Windows operating systems, not other platforms.

WhatSize is able to retrieve deleted files.
Yes, WhatSize has the ability to search your hard disc for files that have been removed but are still using up space. You may use it to find and remove duplicate files.

Is there a limit to the amount of files WhatSize can scan?
No, WhatSize has no restriction on the files it can scan.

Can I change how information is shown by WhatSize?
You may pick which kinds of files and folders to include or exclude during scans, as well as how WhatSize presents information.

User Reviews of WhatSize for Windows PC


Wooh! This software is incredible; I purged 60GB off my phone. Works well. And sometimes, I don’t know why, it crashes when removing certain files. In addition, this software can analyse your phone and provide precise information on where storage is being used. Additionally, you may quickly remove temporary files, something you cannot accomplish using any Android file manager directly. (ig). Delete all those files from “others” if you’re wanting to free up storage, and presto!


One of the few applications that can remove “others” storage files is this one, which is useful for freeing up space on your smartphone. The only problem I have is that, even when a category is still occupying space, occasionally previously available categories vanish. To restore access to lost storage categories that were formerly accessible, I had to repeatedly restart the programme. The only reason I put up with it is because this programme is the only one that works as well as it does at freeing up “others” storage space.


WhatSize for Windows PC download is really beneficial and has a fantastic visual breakdown. The fact that my Samsung system storage is one of the select few without a “clean up” feature meant that it was blaming my photographs and movies for the 99% storage overflow. With app cache cleaning and the infamous ‘Other’ storage stashing that browsers and applications are known to conduct on Samsungs between OTAs, this app reduced it back to 67%. There was no problem with any pictures or videos. Thank you very much!

WhatSize for PC


WhatSize download for Windows PC is an all-around effective and flexible disc space analyzer for Windows PCs that may be a priceless tool for managing your storage. It is a fantastic alternative for anybody who wants to understand how their disc space is being utilised and make educated management choices due to its extensive reports, complex capabilities, and configurable settings. Additionally, even individuals who lack technical aptitude may use it easily because to its user-friendly layout.

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