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Users may create, edit, and view documents, spreadsheets, and presentations using the robust PC productivity package WPS Office.
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Mar 15, 2023
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WPS Office – PDF, Docs, Sheets for PC: We’ll talk about WPS Office – PDF, Documents, and Sheets for PC in this post. Word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications are all included in the well-liked productivity package WPS Office. It works with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices, among other systems. We’ll go through some commonly asked questions, discuss the software’s benefits and draw conclusions about whether WPS Office is a good fit for your productivity requirements. Continue reading to learn more about this flexible set of productivity tools.

About WPS Office – PDF, Docs, Sheets for PC

Users may create, edit, and view documents, spreadsheets, and presentations using the robust PC productivity package WPS Office. The software’s adaptability and user-friendly design have helped it become more well-known over time. We’ll go through WPS Office’s features and why it’s a fantastic option for your productivity requirements in this blog article.

WPS Office - PDF, Docs, Sheets for PC
WPS Office – PDF, Docs, Sheets for PC

Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheet are the three main programmes that come with WPS Office. WPS Office is a complete productivity suite since each application is created to address a certain requirement.

Functionality of WPS Office – PDF, Docs, Sheets for PC

Writer is the word processing programme included with WPS Office and enables users to create and modify documents. It is compatible with several file types, including.doc,.docx,.txt, and.pdf. Users of Writer may also pick from a range of templates to swiftly produce papers with a professional appearance. Users may easily get started with it because to its clear and user-friendly interface.

WPS Office’s presentation programme, Presentation, enables users to create and modify slide displays. .ppt,.pptx, and pdf are just a few of the many file types that Presentation is compatible with. It makes it simple to build interesting and dynamic presentations thanks to its variety of animation and transition effects. Users of Presentation have access to a variety of templates that they may use to rapidly build slideshows that appear professional.

WPS Office’s spreadsheet application, Spreadsheet, enables users to create and modify spreadsheets. It is compatible with several file types, including.xls,.xlsx, and.csv. Spreadsheets make it simple to do complicated calculations since they come with a variety of formulae and functions. Users may view their data using a variety of charts and graphs that are included.

Users may view, edit, and convert PDF files using the PDF reader and converter included with WPS Office. A variety of annotation options are supported by the PDF reader, making it simple for users to annotate their documents. Users of the PDF converter may change their PDF files into a variety of file formats, such as.doc,.docx,.ppt,.pptx, and.xlsx.

The compatibility of WPS Office with Microsoft Office files is one of its most notable features. Microsoft Office files can be opened, edited, and saved by users without any problems. Because of this, WPS Office is a great alternative to Microsoft Office, particularly for those who don’t want to shell out for Microsoft’s expensive suite of productivity software.

Features of WPS Office – PDF, Docs, Sheets for PC

1. An effective office application for Android devices

  • Start modifying your budget, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, resumes, and other files by using templates.
  • use software to edit and convert documents, PDFs, and photos.
  • Simple to create, edit, share, and work on together in real time.

2. Use your Android smartphone to scan, browse, edit, and convert PDF

  • Open, view, share, and comment on PDF files for free using any device and location.
  • All Office files (Word, Text, Excel, PowerPoint, Documents, Pictures) should be converted to PDF.
  • document on paper into a PDF.
  • Support for PDF annotating, signing, splitting, and merging.
  • In PDF, adding and removing watermarks is simple.

3. Strong cloud storage functionality means you won’t worry about losing papers.

  • WPS Cloud may be used to manage all documents, synchronise in real time across PCs and mobile devices, and provide quick and direct access to and editing of office documents.
  • Documents may be saved to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote, and OneDrive, among other cloud services.

4. Android device remote functioning solutions

  • 1G of free cloud storage, online file editing and sharing capabilities, and simple cloud team creation and participation.
  • DLNA, NFC, email, instant messaging, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter are all convenient ways to distribute office documents.

FAQs of WPS Office – PDF, Docs, Sheets for PC

Which file formats can WPS Office open?
A: WPS Office can edit and read PDF files as well as files in the Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats.

WPS Office is free, right?
A: There are free and paid versions of WPS Office. The free edition has the bare minimum of functionality, but the paid-for premium version has more features.

Is it possible to work together on documents in WPS Office?
A number of individuals may edit the same document at once using WPS Office, enabling real-time collaboration between users.

Do you have a mobile app for WPS Office?
A: WPS Office does provide mobile applications for both iOS and Android smartphones.

User Reviews of WPS Office – PDF, Docs, Sheets for PC


Maybe it’s due of a recent upgrade, but I’m not sure. Yet each time I attempt to launch the programme, it crashes and shuts off without warning. I’ve tried rebooting my phone, forcing the programme to close, and doing all of those things, but it still doesn’t work. I use this app often every day and I have items that are vital to me. A major issue is not being able to launch the app. *edit* Temporary workaround: I can access the app if I hold down the app icon and choose new document from the popup menu.


Extremely adaptable, and I appreciate being able to share on many devices. Works well with word documents, spreadsheets, and PDF creation. Without any formal education or experience, people have learned how to use these technologies with ease. The ability to transfer data from a computer to a tablet and a smartphone is quite practical. I appreciate your excellent goods.


Provides a broad range of document creation formats. The ability to move or copy documents that have already been produced in the app is restricted in the free editions. will enable for text, images, and documents to be highlighted, copied, and pasted. The provided tools, such as those for utilising fonts, paragraph spacing, alignment, letter size, importing, exporting documents, etc., need some time to get familiar with. A better help resource is needed to describe the technical applications of files and modifications. I still believe it’s a fantastic app overall.

Conclusion on WPS Office – PDF, Docs, Sheets for PC

WPS Office is a flexible set of productivity tools that supports Microsoft Office file compatibility, real-time collaboration, and PDF features. Even if the free edition of WPS Office has few features and could include adverts, customers who don’t need extensive capabilities may find it to be a good choice. In general, WPS Office is a solid option for those looking for a free or reasonably priced Microsoft Office substitute.

What's new

Brand new WPS Office Android is coming! We have redesigned the public interface to provide a friendlier experience:
- Follow the guideline of the new "Google Material Design" to make it easier to start with.
- Robust new feature: image edit, memo, connection to your Gmail, and in-document voice reading.


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